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Right v public image and gun ownership


October 31, 2012
Ok this is something I am very curious of and am getting differnt opinions on from gun owners. As we know gun owners are under attack. There is no doubt about that. There are some forums out there that are dedicated to the second amendment yet have gone as far as not allowing ANYTHIng POLITICAL TO BE discussed because of "public image" and things like that. Some of these include things like how bad obama is, how bad the country is ( it is especially frowned upon if you mention that our country has been going downhill the more diverse it gets if you look at various stats like crime and out of wedlock births), how illegal immigration and illegal immigrants hurt the country.

NOw on illegal immigration I am strong agaisnt it and any gun enthusiest should understand this simple principle. Illegals come here and most will breed ( at very alarming rates and most illegals come from an ethnic group with according to US data has the highest birthrate and wic dependcy rate). Now these kids get to vote and when they do vote they vote for people like Obama, who in turn vote for justices like Kagan who in turn vote against our guns and in favor of every liberal cause there is. If there is an amensty that is just more votes against conservatives and that is not saying they are doing any better as some repubs would have to cave in order to get amensty or a gun grab though.

I fail to see why gun enthusiests dont get this? Many barrios are so unsafe most decent people cant even go into them now imagine not being able to defend yourself.

ANother inconvienient truth most people don't seem to get or like is that there is a racial element to things here. I notice most lawmakers who support gun control are democrats and the entire congressioanl black caucus supports strict gun control. Now we all know from the demographics of elections a majority of blacks and latinos voted dem in various elections and whites voted republican. Now go to a gun range and look at who is shooting. Then check the crime rate compared to race ( not counting sheer numbers but more like the fact that blacks are 13% of the population yet make up almost half of all the violent crimes. It almost seems like the liberals want to disarm law biding citizens ( more often white) so criminals ( who tend to be black) can prey on them. I just cant help but think that and what really gets me is the white liberals like Kennedy ( rot in hell), pelosi and reid live in the whitest neighborhoods, are married to white people and their kids date white yet play the race card every electon while at the same time persposely keeping minorities down so they can control their votes. Seems like slavery has gone from the gotten planations of alabama and mississippi to the projetcts of philadelphia and chicago as well as the welfare rolls and food stamps rollls ( I am aware more white people on on them when you compare 67% of the population to 13% but look at the rates)

Conservativism and firearms for some reason seeem to go together. lets look at some issues.
People who support affirmative action also are anti 2a
people who often support gay marriage ( to each his own) are anti 2a
People who think its wrong to show ID to vote see nothing wrong with making us jump through hoops to get a gun permit

people who are soft on crime and blame society or the white man for minority actions are often anti-2a

This is not an indictment against a group. I have friends of all groups and have discussed this with many. I personally view elightening any minority or former liberal about the modern plantation as freeing slavers because that is what people are to the big government.

ON illegal immigration I have nothing against immigrants as long as they come legally and I have nothing against latinos, but I tell my latino friends that if Americans need more "compasion" than some latinos need more patriotism if they view the border as something to be crossed and as long as you are brown you can break into the country. I am very aware of teh natives ( I am cherokee and lenope) but we are in the now. How does letting the country get overrun help us.

Anyway these ideas are often shared by many people there are many gun owners though so concerned with public image that they are afraid to have it brought up or for someone to call a gun grabber a commie B#stard.

We will not get to keep our guns by citing the constitution. We will not keep them saying "please let us keep our guns". We need to do what other groups did to get their rights ( other than have people in the majority group go against their own people and I am not saying it was right) we need to let polticians know we will throw them out of office and that if politicans want our guns they need to be prepared to take them as the "people" their policies create are the reason many conservatives carry guns.

I am sorry if I offend anyone, but as Tom Moynihan once said "We are all entitled to our own opinions, but not our own facts"

Thank you for reading. God bless you and God bless America.

I predict if things dont change our nation will cease to exist in 100 years and cease being a major power withing 30-50. IF you dont believe look no further than what happened to South Africa when majority/minority roles changed. Look at Detroit in the 1950s compared to now or any major city. Look at our country in general compared to the 1950s. I am sorry segregation occured and it was wrong, but the black family even seemed better. Heck today the illegaitimate rate for blacks is over 70% and a large amount live in homes without dad ( happening to all groups).

What is really sad is no group is better than the other but white liberals have intentially kept people down and made them think they need things like affirmative action as to divide us so they can rule and republicans play into it as well.


December 11, 2012
Being patriotic is not all flag waving and The Pledge Of Allegiance. On the other hand your opinion stated is not unpatriotic either. God Bless You and The United States of America. :flag: :flag: