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First State Firearms Freedom Association gun rights group check it out


October 31, 2012
Hello all

First State Firearms Freedom Association

Some friends in Delaware have started a more local group that will be lobbying and making people aware of our firearm rights. It seems that we are under attack on our second Amendment rights. I am sure you know what has gone on in New York as Cuomo seems to have anti-American and communist leanings as evident in the draconian gun measures he passed. Sadly there were a couple supposed "friends of the gun owner" who were complicit in this. I think we are heading to the same crap in Delaware and as an FYI Maryland is bascially copying the act from New York.

Right now Delaware is attempting to pass a law that will ban all private sales of firearms in the state. Now this might not sound like much with the laws in New York, but in Delaware currently I could loan a friend of mine a gun for target practice or sell him a gun right at my kitchen table. Now to most it does not sound like a bad idea to require a background check. We have to have them for our carry permits in the state and I have had one done for every gun I own. The issue is that if you give an inch people push for a mile. There are some republicans in the state supporting this and we feel betrayed because we know this will be used to pass New York type gun laws.

They have also discussed banning all high cap magazines. At first it was over 5 rounds then over 10 rounds. There apparently is no exception for the ones you already own. There is an exception of police current and retired. I respect police officers and the job they do, but I don't think when they are in private life that them or their family are worth more than me or my family. Why should he be able to stop a riot near his house with his wife and kids with ar-15s with 30 round mags when I can't? We are not talking about what they are carrying on duty.

Of course they also want to enact a so called ''Assault weapons ban" and still don't know the darned definition of an "assault rifle". Supposedly there will be an exception for those we already own.

Now what is ironic is all the same people supporting the gun grab just voted to stop the five year waiting period before convicted felons can vote. Apparently giving people who have done wrong have more rights than law biding citizens.

Check us out. We are all in the same fight.

We are checking with local shops and stuff so far I have a couple that will give member discounts and also advertise with us. We also are working on shirts, polos, hats and other stuff.

I think it would be great if all stats had similar groups. We have a store in Delaware called Millers guns whose owner basically supports registering guns and background checks. His tail is being boycotted because of some of us.

Gob bless Ohio for not trying to trample firearms rights, but there is an election in 2014 and obama carried the state both times.

There is strength in number people.

First State Firearms Freedom Association