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Does this say what I think it does? SB18.


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October 7, 2011
NO BigShow I think you read that right. Ohio is going the way of the other liberal states now it seems. Let hope that the law makers have the ca-honeys to stand up against this out rage.


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January 26, 2012
Obviously, S.B. No. 18 is in direct response to S. B. 36. Politics at it's best. I wouldn't worry too much about a ban list or registration just yet. Seems the national feeling toward all this hogwash is slowly turning in our favor, however, individual states can do as they please [ex. New York].
The loony left will do ANYTHING they can to garner votes. If they see the wind blowing against them they will slowly change their collective tunes. Remember, right now the country is pretty much evenly divided on the gun issues. And that mostly along political bents.
Be vigilant, be vocal, and don't forget to use your voting power at the mid-terms, we can remove these anti's if we so choose. Talk to your family, friends and anyone else who will listen. And probably most important, talk to our non-voting friends, get them off their asses to cast a ballot, and we can landslide the liberals out of office ! ! !:flag: :flag:

Come to think of it.....the 3 *V's* vigilant, vocal and voting.:flag:
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November 28, 2012
Darn I was hoping I was wrong. I will call my local state reps first of the week and tell them no to 18 and yes to 36. And if they do not agree I will ask about their oath of office.


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January 10, 2012
Almost every state now has some kind of "introduced legislation" requiring registration, banning or some other such non-sense.

As usual, 99% of it is merely political grandstanding and getting face time in the media.

Almost none of this stuff will go anywhere, for a variety of reasons, not the least is most of it is simply unconstitutional and slowly but surely, that fact is being brought up more and more.

Should the sheeple ever tear themselves away from "American Idol" and "Honey Boo-Boo" long enough to realize what is happening all around them, the tide will turn and then the clowns in the state capitals will begin to pander to the other side of the fence. Just as long as they can get their name and face in front of the cameras and look like they're doing something to earn their pay.

It's currently all a freak show in an attempt to make SOMETHING, ANYTHING stick and look like they "did something" no matter how stupid of illegal it really is.

I find it amazing that all of this new legislation has come out so fast when the government can't even SUBMIT a budget (let alone pass one) in the last 5 years! How do these people keep their jobs?