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Any IDPA shooters here?

December 23, 2012
Actually I've been looking for IDPA ranges for many years(15-20) now. One of the clubs listed ( North Olmsted Sportsmans Club) has IDPA and I'm a member there BUT BUT BUT It's setup in an indoor 50ft range. I've been to one to watch and no way I would participate in it after seeing a good IDPA outdoor range/course.
I used to belong to TRW Rod & Gun Club from the mid 70s' to about 10 years ago. In the tailing end of my membership there, range officer would set up paper plates on sticks at different heights and different distances. Very informal,shoot once at all the plates as fast as you can,no scoring no timing,just some informal fun. The club was renamed Crooked Creek Conservation Club with much expansion and improvements. They now have timed shoots. I contacted them and the shoots are open to the public, no membership required. He told me to stop in to watch and bring guns. Have yet to go there but it is my intention.