Zombie Barrels and Rainier Arms hiccup

Discussion in 'Long Guns' started by MikeH121, January 23, 2013.

  1. MikeH121


    Zombie Barrels charged me, so they are processing me order:D

    Rainier Arms on the other hand..... ordered a WOA Charging handle 20 bucks, they had in stock. Registered and added a ship to address. They sent me an email confirming my order, then sent one saying they needed a copy of a scanned ID to prevent fraud since the Bill and ship address was different.

    I sent them an email saying I have never had a problem with MidwayUSA, Brownells, SGAmmo, Zombie Barrels even or Amazon, and if they could not process the order as is, then cancel and I will not due any business in the future with them.

    Tom at Rainier sent me the email about the ID, I sent the reply, all Tues. Today I got an email from Rainier, the processed the order. Got a second email from Tom to confirm that the order has been shipped with a tracking number.

    Sent a reply stating they need to at least put a notice on their site about the address thing, and while there was a hiccup, I understand the company policy but they need to make it clear.

    So while I was PO'ed they took care of it, so while not a non-fart smooth transaction, in the end they solved it.

    I would warn people about the issue but would not tell someone not to order.
  2. Yeah Zombie Barrel processed my payment instantly so I look forward to a barrel in the very near future. I hope that Midway and AO Precision do not let me down and have my BCG and charging handle in stock on the 31st.

    Glad Rainier was able to get past the B.S. and process the order the way they needed too.
  3. MikeH121


    Got my 20 dollar genuine COLT Delta Ring assembly and 3 front handguard rings (to have spares), my gas rings (spares) From Brownells and Midway...

    Don't forget Wolf you need the Delta Ring assembly or the Delta ring, weld spring and barrel lock ring. It was just easier with the Delta Assembly. Also my barrel nut and bolt maint kit shouls be here Fri or sat. Now awaiting barrel.
  4. MikeH121


    My Rainier Arms WOA charging handle has arrived. :D

    Ordered a gas block and armorers tool off Amazon they both shipped yesterday.

    Only awaiting me barrel and got Chuck the Barber 2 doors down working on getting a bolt, he owns and has a lot of gun buddies. Tell him what you need sometimes he can get it. He came into the shop before I left this morning I just mentioned it and he said give him a list he'll see what he can do.
  5. MikeH121


    Gas Block arrived... barrel nut, and bolt spare parts pack also. Just need my barrel. And my armorer wrench is in Cincy will be at shop tommorow. Which is odd. The Gas Block was thru Amazon from Cali, the Wrench is sold by Amazon and delivered from Hebron. So 30 miles came AFTER over 2000 miles go figure. The Amazon wharehouse in Hebron KY is just next exit past Cincy airport. Gas Block came from City of Industry CA.

    Hopefully Zombie will deliver soon. They are now sold out and it says orders After Jan 25 will be 4-6 weeks lead time.
  6. I saw that on the web site. I hope to see the barrel soon myself. Working on getting the bolt this Thursday hopefully. :)

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  7. MikeH121


    Amorer's Wrench arrived. It is made by AIM Sports. Heavy The barrel end has the star teeth one side and the 3 lugs on the other. The teeth fit my reg barrel nut like a glove. The 1/2 inch torch wrench hole fits. Has the Flash sup slot and the A2 buffer end slot. It is not cheap matl. for the price. But it came in a box that would have fit 2 laptops.
    I mentioned that to the mail guy I was actually in the shop when he stopped by. He said Amazon just grabs whatever box it fits in and packs it with airbags.

    Barrel is what I need though.
  8. I have yet to order my wrench as I might just have RJ mount the barrel for me and save me the hassle of having to buy a vice and block.

    I e-mailed Zombie Barrels twice now asking for and order update and I have not received a single reply yet. I know they have the money but like you am just waiting.

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