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  1. This has been on my mind. Please take pics of all your guns & serial #s and put in a safe place. I upped my insurance if you think your fireproof safe will save those guns you are crazy. And most homeowners only cover to a certain amount. I add a rider on my homeowners to cover them. My homeowners had $5,000 so I upped it another $5,000 cost me $18.00 per year. so play it safe and think what I just said I don't sell insurance but I know what it will cost to replace. A few will have to get appraised bit it's a start. So don't:cry::banghead:eek:r get:mad:
  2. Very good advice Daniel. I was in the process of doing just that MANY years ago. I was also coding a Gun Owners inventory program but never did get the chance to finish it. Perhaps it's time to revisit that if I can remember how to program. :D
  3. I'll post this here as I wonder how much is to much. I haven't been feeling good and I think about my guns. There are more then I can shoot. I have guns that last saw the lite of day when I brought them home. But I look at more and think about buying more. I'm now on a inhaler. As last week I passed out and hit my head at a friends house my wife and friends thought I was dead. So Shooting has slowed and I hope to start shooting more soon. All this has happened the last few months since x-mas. As a shooter this sucks getting old but I'm only 59.
  4. Since I take a lot of pics and post pics here,I'm gonna take pics of the guns identified in the pic with Manufacturer,model,age/vintage,caliber/cartridge,S/N number and store the info/pics on SD cards and/or flash sticks. It's easy to 'hide' a SD card. Maybe one of them in the garage and elsewhere. Any new ones can easily be added.
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    Can also download OpenOffice and do a Database like me. :D

    Unless you wanna pay for Word. I write the info in a book and add it to a Database then a Flash Drive.
  6. all my computers get/have open office
  7. diesel


    I'm sorry to hear about your ailments my friend. I truly hope you get to feeling better, however, I would be more than happy to come get your guns and babysit them til your back on your feet.:D

    Just kid'n, Dan'l, do hope you get better quickly. :angel::flag:
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    I totally understand the head trauma thing. I'm not even close to being my old self after I got hit in the head. Shooting, even with ear pro is incredibly painful for me.
    I'll keep you in my prayers Bro.

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  9. Thank you both I going to try and get out a little.
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    There really no excuse for not having either OpenOffice or LibreOffice installed on your systems. There is no beating the price. :) I've gone as far as to avoid windows if at all possible. Linux is on both my primary desktop and my laptop. I would recommend Linux Mint or Ubuntu, with Ubuntu (nice product once you get past the name) being my everyday preference. I would be able to abandon windows all together if there were a good Linux-based tax software.

  11. Sure hate to hear about your physical condition - hope you are recovering quickly as possible. I know the feeling. I took a dump into the floor last week but ended up with skinned knees and didn't butt heads wit the floor. I'm on three different inhalers since I have COPD and a placstic heart valve. I can barely make it to the 100 yard line without hitting an inhaler, but I'm bound and determined to get stronger while losing a ton of weight.

    I thought when I quit smoking lat Thanksgiving, I would be better off - not so easy as I am finding out. I'll be 65 in July but I'm just too ornery to give up the ghost just yet.

    Hang in there, danielleawecki.


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