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Discussion in 'Open Carry' started by ADulay, September 14, 2013.

  1. All,

    As most of you know, I'm a big supporter of full time open carry and although there are restrictions on when we can OC here in Florida, I somehow manage to OC pretty much all day and every day. Sometimes you have to be "creative" with your travel plans, but it can be done if you're dedicated.

    Anyway, one of the events we hold at Florida Carry is called the 2nd Saturday Open Carry Fishing Event and it's held all over the state.

    Here's a photo from today's event where I caught the "largest" fish. I purposely use a really bad lure in order to NOT have to deal with catching anything and still they take my line. I don't get it.

    Try not to snicker too much.

    AD (Full size Glock 21 and a Bianchi Model 59 holster)

  2. BuckJM53


    AD ... There is something seriously wrong when your pistol is larger then your biggest fish :D. Seriously though, I grew up on Lake Erie and the Maumee River and enjoyed the heck out of fishing for (and eating) copious amounts of both walleye and perch ;).
  3. Buck,

    Man, what I wouldn't give for a real, honest to God Lake Erie perch fish fry some night.

    When my Ohio golfing buddy shows up down here from time to time, we can literally name all of the "good" places that we USED to be able to find a decent perch fish fry.

    Sadly those days are long gone and we're stuck with the local fare of Tilapia, Basa, some type of Cod lookalike and whatever whitefish is priced "below market" on that particular day.

    Arrrrgh. Give me Perch or give me Death!!

  4. BuckJM53


    I hear you AD! While I still have family in the Toledo area, and we get a "taste" from time to time, I do miss those Friday/Saturday evening fish fries after a productive day on the lake :(


    Alas ... While I remember many outings of catching our limit (as in the picture above) and unfortunately throwing many additional back ... The picture was borrowed :cry:
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  5. diesel


    I hear ya, Buck. I used to first mate for a friend who is no longer with us. I ate walleye til was coming out of my ears. I literally had to bye a second freezer(against my mothers wishes. recently divorced, I was living with her at the time). That was early/mid eighties when the water was still coffee colored and the walleyes would hit anything that moved.

    We perched very little back in those days but did spend some time after them. Personally, i'd rather have the fried walleye but the perch eat n was great as well.

    We did all our fish n out of Ashtabula and Conniaut(how ever the hell one spells it). LOL
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  6. BuckJM53


    We docked in Point Place and spent a lot of time in Canadian waters back in the early 80's. The only bad part about fishing for perch was the amount of time that it took to fillet and skin 300+ perch :p.

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