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  1. I do apologize for my disappearing act, there have been many things going on in my personal life that required my attention. Hopefully I can explain them in a manner you can understand.

    First up about 6 months ago I was promoted and given my own store to run. It has been an uphill battle getting things where they need to be. Too many things and processes that were neglected and broken have yet to be fixed despite my trying. I do however refuse to give up though.

    Another life altering event is that my mother decided to retire and sell her accounting business since her son did not complete college and take it over. I do still harbor a lot of quilt for that failure in my life to say the least. She had a contract with the person she sold the business too and things have not gone as she had planned but did go as I thought they would. My mother tried to tell me he was a good person and had her best interests at heart and I was quite skeptical of his intentions as I have seen it before. Well it turns out I was right about my gut feeling it was a bad thing. She is trying to get things still straighten out with him and get herself back in a more sound financial state. He is avoiding contact with her and not supporting her the way he said he would. I sincerely hope he comes through for his sake because if I have to have a talk with him it will not be pleasant for him.

    I cousin got married about a year ago and his wife suddenly fell very ill and was hospitalized in ICU for some time and being pregnant was not helping. She had a large team of doctors trying to figure out what was wrong with her and it took a very long time for them to finally figure it out. She ended up with a rare disorder that will require her to take medications that cost well into 5 or 6 figures a month for the rest of her life. The baby was finally taken via c section at 12 weeks. Their beautiful daughter was doing well for being born so early and breathing on her own for many weeks and suddenly stopped. She has been and remains in NICU as I type this.

    My life here at home has been very busy as well, with work dominating the landscape due to people not wanting to work for various reasons leaving me to cover for them. I am trying to hire people but the company require me to be certified to hire. I have completed the class and how have to sit in on a few interviews and hirings to be able to hire my own people, I have yet to get that completed because of time and trying to get everything else done.

    Now for the biggest hit to me of my life thus far.

    We received word a couple months ago that Catholic Charities was shutting down their adoption program. Getting that news was a devastating blow after all the years of training, money spent and waiting for someone to give my wife and I the gift of a child. It was something that we discussed at great length before diving into adoption after getting the news that we would never be able to have our own children due to her early onset menopause. We embarked on the journey together looking forward to becoming parents to a newborn, but we had to depend on someone else's grand gift for that to happen. We maintained our adoption/foster license for many year and spent thousands of dollars doing so. We were supported by family and friends during our journey and given everything you could possibly want for a newborn to arrive. We had everything and just needed a day notice to get it setup.

    Upon receiving the news that the program was being shut down due to lack of funding was a devastating blow to us both. Many week went by and we decided perhaps it was time to let our license lapse, well that was more her mindset as she was having a lot of problems dealing with the waiting as was I. Just last week she decided it was time to move on and purged the upstairs of ALL the baby items we had. This has left me with a very big hole in my heart knowing that in our older years there is no one to take care of us or to carry on with our values.

    For many years I was trying to give my wife the one very thing she wanted most in the world over anything and that was the chance to be a mother. I will not go into the past but let's just say that I was not the best husband or person I could have or should have been leading us to not have children earlier. I personally take the blame for ALL of this and knowing what pain I have caused her in the past and now seeing its effect in the present and future hurts even more. I have single handedly taking away the very thing she wanted most in life. Trying to fix it was the adoption process that has now ended in failure as well. She and I did discuss the issue and figure that our health and age would be a detriment lead us to the decision. She still does not know how I feel or what I truly think and probably never will.

    Anyhow, to you the small faithful group of users I have I apologize for my absence. I am trying to juggle a lot in my life and deal with a lot at the same time. I only wish I was not screwed over by 1 person that stole my ideas and among other items to open a competing site. If that person is reading this you know who you are and NO I WILL NOT, SO LEAVE AND NEVER RETURN!

    I am still working on new ideas and/or formats for the forum to bring some life back. If anyone has ideas or thoughts PLEASE let me know as I am open to them except for the one person I spoke of above.

    So in closing I wish to say I am sorry and hope I can get these things cleared up to move forward to bigger and better things. I thank you ALL for your understand and patronage here at the Original Ohio Gun Owners web forum.


  2. Waiting for a reply for my PM sent Thursday Jan. 12.
  3. everytime I go to/on the site now,it directs me to enter a code,so I gotta open up e-mail to get it first before I can go on OGHO. WTF is going on ?
  4. BuckJM53


    Andy ... So sorry to hear that things have been so difficult for you and your loved ones. Mrs. Buck and I will continue to keep these things as a matter of prayer.
  5. Andy,

    You're doing the right thing. Family first.

    We'll hold down the fort here until this all get straightened out.

  6. Thank you ALL. Things are bad but could be worse I am sure. A lot of emotions are being held back that my wife is unaware of, I hope with time that will pass.

    You know, we are a small board but I have the best users on the planet right here with me.:)

    Thank you again.
  7. Oldman10mm. It should be fixed now, I removed 2 step verification for you.
  8. daniellawecki


    Andy I will not cast a single stone as I live in a glass house.;):flag::flag::flag:
  9. Please let me know who cleans your windows...I have some for them too. :rofl:o_O
  10. diesel


    Ya I've missed ya, Andy, but keep do'in what you have to. Like AD said, family first.
    Good luck to you as you are and always have been a good guy.:(:(:flag::flag::flag:

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