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Discussion in 'Long Guns' started by MikeH121, March 12, 2013.

  1. MikeH121


    Got the Mid length Op-Rod from Osprey today and also the Mid Length handguards. Only ones I could find were Mag-Puls on Amazon.

    Installed the barrel the piston the gas block and the flash. The handguards are to skinny at the top to allow for the piston freedom of movement.

    So need to search for mid handguards. :banghead:

    Some pics anyway.



  2. MikeH121


    OKAY I kinda panicked. :D

    Had some dinner and some coffee. Looking closer the gas tube hole was draging on the Op-Rod the piston itself was not draging on the hadguards. A few minutes with a Dremel.

    I HAVE A WORKING AR15. :peace: Pull the bolt out and when I flip the gun the piston just moves like butter.

    I have only about 200 rds of ammo. But the buying for now is over. :clap:

    Stag Lower, Cmmg Lower Kit, DPMS upper, Osprey Piston and BC, Colt Bolt and firing pin, White Oak 223 Wylde Stainless 16 inch match barrel, DPMS Flash, UTG tube, buffer and Stock, Mag-Pul handguards. Also a detachable carrying handle, detach front sight, Red dot scope. All total came in at $989.00 do to Piston and Match Barrel.
  3. diesel


    Congrats on a beautiful rifle, Mike. Things that take a while to get...take a while to build, will hold a much dearer place in your heart than an off the rack purchase. You can be proud of what you accomplished with your build and enjoy it for a long time. Way to go Mike and good luck with it!:flag:
  4. Congrats Mike she is a beauty. :thumbs:

    I just got conformation that Zombie Barrels has shipped my barrel today. I just need to complete the task of mounting and getting the rest of the parts for it. I hope to have it complete sometime in April.
  5. MikeH121


    What parts do you have left? I too got Zombied. Had the email Tues am but as usual Fed-Ex does not like the address at the shop. Same with Brownells when they use FE. So I had to specify front office. They shipped. Oh well I got's an extra barrel. I will see how the Wylde barrel runs. If it is fine I may start on a spare upper. Just undo the set screws on my Gas block, switch that the BCG and away I go. Then when parts start appearing again maybe get a DI gas and BCG. Well hell If I go that far may as well do another whole build. :D

    I stopped in Switzer Arms in Milford. It is a surplus and gun store. He had 40 ct boxes of m198 5.56 but it was in military rubber square tubes. with carry handles at 400 rds per. at 1 dollar a rd. 400.00 :banghead:

    He had 3 tubes 2 small ammo boxes of 250 and 1 of 500 rds. He also has 30.06 Armor piercing tipped for 2.00 per rd and some tracers for both .06 and 5.56

    I bought a box of 20 he had of the M198 5.56 and 50 22lr's.
  6. MikeH121


    Just thought I will get some pics without the handguards to show the barrel and the Piston au-natual.:D (if a naked barrel with a piston is not somehow internet porn) :rofl:
  7. I have to get the barrel nut, hand guards- rail system, gas tube, block flash suppressor, etc. I was waiting to get the barrel so I knew what length hand guards to get.

    Yeah Fedex Tends to not to like to leave the packages at my house either so I hope that they do this time.

    The Wylde barrel should be fine since it's a match grade barrel the tolerances will be tight with 5.56 ammo and have higher velocities then with .223 rounds. I too am looking to get another upper started when I get the chance to do so. I would also like to start another build but money is tight as it is so this will have to suffice for now I am afraid.

    I hate to tell you but $1 a round is about average right now for 5.56 stuff.
  8. ladylingeries


    Congrats Mike she is a beauty.
  9. Rifle looks good bud, nice job! Curious how that .223 Wylde is going to work out for ya though...
  10. MikeH121


    223 Wylde gives you 556 pressure and 223 accuracy. it is a match grade barrel. .93 from the barrel adapter to the gas port which is actually mid-length, though the barrel is carbine. The .93 to the threads. Just added a flash suppresor put up some pics a little while ago when I bought the supp. Then I installed it.
  11. Sounds like it would make a good match rifle. I'd be interested in seeing some groups posted if you get around to doing so. ;)
  12. I am working on a new AR build in 300 Blackout as well now. Here is the upper I purchased from Hardened Arms.


    I am just waiting for that to arrive and the Nickel Boron BCG to arrive as well. I am getting so anxious to see this finished it's driving me nuts.

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