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    Was in North College Hill Guns today spent my lunchtime there. Picked up 25 rds of 38SP for 8 bucks. They were in a Ziplock baggie. The shop will buy a gun and what's left of the ammo from someone and can't sell it new. And also a pack of 7.65X54R's Russian Heavy Ball for my Mosin. ;)

    But while there they did have a Springfield XD-s 45 acp. What a sweet little 45. It was already spoken for but it feels right and fits right in my hand..... Their price was $599.00. The 1911 in same size small concealed carry version from ATI was $499.00. 100.00 more and you got the XD-S.

    The guy who they were holding it for found 1 more shop in Cincinnati that was trying to get 799.00 for the XD-S. Springfield did not know what kind of hit they had. They are making more.

    They had a target from one guy who works there and got the second one they sold. At 15 yards all shots were dead on. That from a 3.3 inch barrel 45ACP. Since one was not available I walked out with only the ammo purchase. Or else I would be the proud owner of one right now. :banghead:

    The problem is if you enter a shop and take one in hand it WANTS to come home with you. :D

    It just says, "I need a home, and you are my bestest pal."

    So just to warn you, do not pick one up unless it is not spoken for and you are ready to plunk down cash. The weight feels right. The size feels right. You have been warned.
  2. I know the feeling you get when you hold one of them. I made that mistake as well, but it did not come home with me much to my own dis-may. I have the open credit but I am trying to pay off cards and am down to just 3 right or I would have had one. If you REALLY want one I can get you in touch with a gun shop with plenty of them at the $599 price tag.
  3. I had 2, one black and one 2 tone. Very accurate gun but I would suggest you shoot one before laying down your money. I sold both of mine because I would get slide bite on the base knuckle of thumb. No matter how I held it, if I shot it more than a few times I would be going home with a bloody hand.
  4. Nice gun. Nice feel. Great size!

    Not a lot of fun to actually shoot for more than a magazine or two.

    One of our Monday night guys shoots one and the small magazine capacity coupled with the size of the gun makes it an interesting exercise in shooting to keep it feeding every time.

    This guy has a tendency to "ride the slide" when he reloads and this is causing him to have to rerack the slide, losing 20% of his bullet capacity right there.

    Also, this gun, like a few of the compact .380's out there, require a FIRM and controlled grip to avoid "limp wristing" and a failure to eject.

    However, it can be shot through several magazines with no problems. It just needs to be shot "correctly" for that gun. The one I shot was very accurate even out to 15 yards when we were testing it.

    As always, this is my own personal opinion. Please actually run a box of ammo through it before buying one.

    It sure did feel nice though and it fits in the pants pocket better than my PPK/s.

    Hey! It's a 45. How bad can it be?

  5. :uhoh: What, no talk of preferring the Glock G30 or 36? I thought you were a Glock fan boy! :lol:
  6. Nah, no need for that. The original posts were about how nice the XD was and I agreed. I just mentioned that what looks nice on the outside, may not be what you actually want "for real".

    It is a very nice gun it just takes a bit of technique to make sure it keeps on shooting when the pressure is on!!

    AD (of course, it's no Glock, but then what is! :D)
  7. MikeH121


    AD I know you are a G fan guy, and I am not personally. Watch this:

    I have shot all handguns I have ever owned in this way, off hand off balance, this does not bode well for Glock, not all but I check this method because you do not always have the time to stand, brace, steady and fire.

    Limp Wristing Glock Pistols - YouTube
  8. diesel


    Very interesting vid, Mike. I never knew of this problem. I have a 1911 Rem. I've never had trouble with, I guess cause it's all steel. Just another reason to stick with my revolvers.:D :flag:
  9. Very interesting video. I will have to watch for this when at the range for my G30.
  10. Agreed. Very interesting video.

    Now I want to go out to the range tomorrow and try to do that stuff!!!

    Or, if I find out I'm a "limp wristed" shooter, I'll just buy a 1911 and be done with it!

    Seriously, I do see a LOT of newer shooters "limp wristing" their guns. It's obvious that they've not been taught well (or at all) and it's painfully obvious to see it happen. You always hate to "explain" to someone, especially a guy, that their grip is pretty bad (usually a tea cup style) and getting them to change/fix it during a match is almost impossible, but we do tend to stick around the range after the shoot and see if those people want to "try something else" with their grip.

    Once they are shown a proper grip for their automatics (including the guy with that XD-s that I was talking about) they are usually pretty receptive about getting it right in the future and their guns start to function quite nicely.

    Limp wristing IS a problem, but I've not seen it in any of our regular shooters, it's always with the newer people who show up and they are always glad to learn something new.

    Great video and I will give it a try tomorrow!!

    AD (now I've got two things to worry about being limp)
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  11. I saw that about buying a 1911. We'll hold you to it AD. :whistle:

    Best line I've seen yet on here. :rofl:
  12. MikeH121


    LOL...that's what she said.....there is always the little blue pill....but it don't help your wrist....well okay not in that way.....:rofl:

    I try this with all my handguns...not because of but in spite of....you cannot always, stand, steady, aim and fire. Natural Point of Aim or the dreaded maligned Point Shooting allows for this. Off hand off balance, falling, on the ground. In a chair, strong hand weak hand, it does not matter.

    But the gun may. If the design makes the whole thing fail it's own recoil then it is a flawed design even if it says GLOCK on the side. My Springfield has never failed. Even my little FEG PA-63 in Makarov passes. I am not a G fan never have been. Unless I got one on the cheap I would not own one. Personal preference I know, but in the Church of Glock where the acolytes kneel the shooter will always be wrong.

    I am not saying Glock sucks....okay maybe a little. If it is the only option then....but to be aware that the gun you own has a flaw is to have picked the wrong gun. Had an older wheelie, it would sometimes not hit the primer. The Firing pin was well worn. So you just cock again...and deal with it? No you get it fixed or you get it gone. It was too old to mess with. The above problem is not wear but design. It needs to be addressed by Glock even if it happens occaisionally.
  13. I'm not much of a Glock fan myself but yet some how I've ended up with 2 of them. :uhoh: The thing I'm trying to figure out is why I'm currently without a .45 acp in the lineup. I don't even have one 1911 left in the safe! :shocker:
  14. WHAT! That is blasphemy to not own a 1911! :cuss:

    I have 4 .45acp handguns right now. My S&W 4516, Springfield 1911, Kimber 1911 and my Glock 30. :)
  15. I hear you. I'm thinking about offering up my Glock 19 for trade towards another 1911. It seems that the G19 is worth it's weight in gold according to the sale ads I see on Armslist now a days. :lol:
  16. I was never a Glock fan either but I do love my G30. Yeah any Glock is worth it's price right now on the open markets.

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