Wyoming lawmakers propose bill to nullify new federal gun laws

Discussion in 'The 2nd Amendment' started by whitewolf68, January 10, 2013.

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    Wyoming, stepping up to the plate again, is proposing a new bill to put Obama in his rightful place. OUT of state business.

    The Federal government, as most agree, has no business stepping into state business and telling individual states what to do. For those that disagree, see the 10th ammendment.

    After Obama was elected the first time, at least 28 states, including Wyoming, had the foresight to see Obama and Holder were coming for their guns. These states passed bills re-affirming their 10th ammendment rights, some directly telling the president to butt out of state business.

    There were many heated debates on ATS, with the typical name calling and racial aggressiveness used to attack people who believed Obama was going to make a move for guns. People were called racist, paranoid, mentally ill. It went on and on.

    Now, we are facing the sum of all fears. The ugly truth is out now, and regardless of the reason claimed to be the precursor, it was evident from the start this was going to happen. Those with foresight were not so wrong.

    This new bill prohibits the Federal Government from creating any laws about guns or magazines in the state of Wyoming. It also has jail and fines for Federal agents that attempt to do anything to anyone in the state with refernce to gun bans, and the state if Wyoming will defend any citizen if the Feds arrest or charge them.

    Now. If only more states remembered their 10th.

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  2. diesel


    Now THAT is what i'm talking about! The balls to stand up to these libs is all that's needed. They will back down if threatened with legislation such as this. I hope ohio is smart enough to follow suit.:flag:
  3. Diesel I hope Ohio is not only smart enough but strong enough to follow suite with regards to gun rights and obamacare. I suppose we'll see in the coming months what can and will be done.
  4. rebel_son


    That is bascially telling obama and the other communists, athiest, socialist, anti-americans

  5. I wrote to Govenor Kasich today. I got a semi automated response, here it is.

  6. MikeH121


    Well gee no where in there is language that would suggest or even hint at the gun as the problem. It may be an auto statement, but it sounds logical and reasonable.

    I like Kasich about 75% of the time. I agree with him 100% on the above. Maybe Ohio and Texas will stand alone in the "it ain't a gun problem" response.

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