WTB - .22 Mag. DA Revolver

Discussion in 'Handguns - Pistols & Revolvers' started by Jeff H, November 13, 2011.

  1. Jeff H

    Jeff H

    Thought I would break in this sub-forum and put the word out - I need a .22 mag DA revolver.

    I am thinking Taurus or Charter Arms, but it HAS to be $300 or under.

    MUCH prefer the 3" barrel and eight shots of the Taurus, but 4" or 2" would be OK if I can't find a 3".

    The Taurus 3" would be the upper limit of $300 and a Charter (depending on the vintage) would be in the lower range.

    Mechanical condition is very important but how it looks is less important.

    Blue or stainless - either one.

    Fixed sights prefered, but adjustable is OK too.

    I know that's a tall order with today's prices, but this one goes in a drawer and I don't have a lot of cash to play with. I moved a couple things and have a little left that has to go back into a gun (one that I need, actually) and I will be tapped for a while.

    Keep your eyes peeled if you would.


  2. I'll keep my eye's open for one. Hopefully I'll come across one for you. :)

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