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    I got an appraisal for a Winchester model 1894 carbine 30 w.c.f. *Fancy style (named by checkered buttplate upgrade), Manufactured in 1949 with an aperture (peep) sight. Was told it is in excellent condition, wich I expected. Guy told me it is worth 500-750. He then offered me 750. Made me suspicious. I asked a gun collector I know who said he thought I was being quoted post '69 prices. The one I have he said is worth a premium and could be worth thousands. Help! Can anyone tell me what this 1949 rifle is worth?
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    Hey Paintball,

    Check out this site: Winchester Model 1984. That sounds like the rifle you're talking about. There's a link to a guy named Rob Kassab. I bet you a quarter that if you shoot him an email he'll be able to help you out. At least turn you on to a better appraiser. I did a quick search on GunBroker and found this one going for $850 and it doesn't look nearly as rare. I'd say you're being taken advantage of, but I think you already knew that ;)
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    View attachment 273 Ilooked it up in the "Blue Book of Gun Values" 2010 edition. It's worth $825 tops with a low end of $200.
    Hope this attachment helps you out. Be sure to scroll down the attachment to see the value of your rifle.:flag:
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