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Which constitution are your children being taught?


December 11, 2012
High School AP History Book Rewrites 2nd Amendment | Peace . Gold . Liberty
High School AP History Book Rewrites 2nd Amendment
Guyer High School of Denton, Texas (and obviously several others) are complicit in attempting to condition students to interpret the 2nd Amendment in a clearly opposite manner in which it was intended.
This textbook, currently being used by Guyer High School, is attempting to redefine the Second Amendment to impressionable young minds. Parents, you must speak up and demand action. Investigate your child's history book ASAP, and post more pictures in the comments below. Call your school and demand that revisionist history books like this are removed from the school district.
This book has to be in circulation elsewhere also, visible to other students. Students looking for the truth, that is what schools are supposed to provide under their mandate from their stated education boards. Interpretations of documents are normally left to mind of individuals, that is how young minds are taught to think for themselves, this is a sure sign they are indoctrinating our young to follow the line, not teach them to be self thinkers, especially not seekers of truth.