where's diesel?

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  1. Anyone heard from diesel? I know he's been deer hunting since before Thanksgiving and I hope a deer didn't get him or take advantage of him or something.I haven't talked to my old friend for awhile so if any of you guys find him tell him I'm worried about him a little.Just kidding,I 've known him a lot of years and you can't ask for a better friend.I just haven't heard from him.One more thing,anyone know how to fix an adjustable hieght office chair.Mine keeps slowly sinking and it's making me nuts
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  2. diesel


    Hello Chuck Conners....i'm here. No deer could possibly have taken advantage of me cause i didn't see a SINGLE DEER FOR 2 WEEKS!!! I must smell like a grizzly bear or something. Worse deer season i ever had.
    I'll probably hit 1 with the truck or some shit.
    I'm working on this 7.62x51 purchase right now. I'll let you know if i get anywhere with it. Can't seem to get a hold of this kid.:confused:

    Oh and btw, if that adjustable chair keeps slowly sinking on you, perhaps you may need a new INDUSTRIAL STRENGHT chair.....lmao!:rofl: :flag:
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  3. MikeH121


    Maybe the deer were huntin' you. :rofl:

    They don't have thumbs though.......

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