Where are you getting your ammo?

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  1. I've been looking all over the place for 5.56x45 for my AR but it is getting hard to find reasonably priced ammo. Any suggestions for bulk ammo?
  2. MikeH121


    223 / 5.56mm | SGAmmo.com

    I buy all my Mosin 7.62x54R surplus they fill the order and ship fast.

    They always have specials.
  3. Woo-Hoo!

    Just got an email that my large ammo order, placed in late NOVEMBER of last year, finally shipped today.

    My Discover card it gonna take a big hit tomorrow.

    They also held to the price I paid in November for the entire lot so I'll give them credit for that.

    They have also mentioned that they've stopped taking orders since around the middle of December!

  4. Very lucky day for you AD.

    Happy shootin' :D
  5. rebel_son


    Just about everyplace seems to be dry. Wal-mart has had nothing but a couple of shotgun shells and 2 boxes of blazer alum 40 cal.

    sportsmansguide often has good prices, but they have been sold out and backorderd. Dicks ( I dont like what they did with AR's but shtf you buy ammo where they have it) has had some on the shelfs but its high.

    Me and some friends are starting to reload and "roll our own" as far as target ammo.
    we are focusing on 45 acp and 9mm for pistols and .223 and .308 for rifles.
  6. Yeah I work at Meijer here and we can barely keep ammo in stock. Only thing we have is .38 spl and some 44mag.

    Glad to hear your reloading your own. It's very rewarding and fun to do as well as saving money. The hard part is getting the supplies now too. I know people are hoarding the primers and powder again and that sucks. I need powder but $25 a pound is nuts. Hell I remember when I was giving $10 a pound and thought that was high.
  7. Life is good!

    Just got home from doing a bunch of chores around the county and look what showed up on my door step in my absence.

    1000 rounds o 45ACP and 1000 rounds of 38 special.

    38Spcl you ask?

    I'm trying to classify in the revolver division in IDPA and figured I should probably practice a little before it comes time to take the "test".

    I told my wife that I had ordered her some kind of special diamond necklace with 38 stones in for her birthday (today) and they apparently shipped just the "38 special" part of it. Must be a mixup at the factory I guess.

    Oh well, good for me and bad for her. Stuff happens.


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  8. Some day I want to have that happen to me AD, I come home there is the 2000 rounds of ammo at my door. Some day. :cry:
  9. diesel


    A.D. i'm very glad to see you give'n the old wheel guns a try. Let us know if you like them or not.:flag:
  10. Oh, I like wheel guns. Carried one on duty when that was the standard gun. I also carried one as my EDC (before that term became popular) for many years as a snub-nosed .38 Smith.

    But the automatics have so much more to offer, especially the new ones, that it would be silly to carry a revolver with six shots when almost all of the 9mm and .40 slim guns will carry 12 to 17 rounds!

    I still have my 5 shot Smith, but never carry it. It's strictly for the BUG matches now. But for most of the 70's and 80's that was my carry gun!

    I'm shooting the revolver class now just to make sure I have the "rating" in IDPA and for when the regular wheel gun guys want to have a "group shoot" to see who's still got it with a revolver. Besides, it's just plain fun shooting when it counts for something.

    Shooting a revolver in competition with a bunch of "bottom feeders" takes some getting used to, but I think I can handle it. So far I'm beating most of the Unclassified shooters, both revolver and automatics, so there is hope.

    I'll keep you all updated, especially when it gets close to the actual classifier next month.

    AD (here's the gun I'm working with)

  11. diesel


    That's a beauty, A.D. Had one indentical to it but sold it to the young man across the street. It became his very first gun and he loves it. Like all of the many revolvers I've sold over the years, I miss that m 15.:flag:
  12. An update on the ammo situation. . . .

    In case you haven't noticed, ammunition is becoming available again, and from multiple sources.

    Of course it's still not available at Wal-Mart as the hoarders are still "doing their thing" every day at 7am, but for the online retailers of bulk ammo, they are finally taking orders and shipping them out is decent turnaround times.

    So, if you've been stuck with an empty space where a few thousand rounds should be on the shelf, take the time to get your orders in before the next "crisis" hits.


  13. same place iv gotten it the last 20 years, my loading bench, currently loading and shooting 200 rds of 40 cal a week,
  14. rebel_son


    I have noticed it getting back in stock, but seems prices have still been up a bit and .22lr is still hard to find.
  15. Made a pick up today.

    Ran over to a local bullet seller in Sebring today as I put in an order on Monday. It's close to the Brighton Indian casino so the wife got to go along too. If it wasn't for that, she'd just stay home and do bingo or something.

    However, I did pick it up, stuffed the trunk of the Corvette full and headed back home.

    6050 rounds. The odd 50 rounds is .223 stuff for a guy with a new gun and he needs to check if this ammo will play nice with his new gun. The rest of it is MINE!! ALL MINE!!!!

    2000 45ACP
    3000 9mm (which I really didn't need, but may as well not waste the trip.)
    1000 38 SPCL (for the Ruger GP-100 when somebody else decides to shoot IDPA revolver with me)

    Life is good and it ain't snowing!

    We did have to put the top back up on the car coming home after lunch though. Women are such wusses when it comes to convertible riding.


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  16. reaper66


    Nice score!
    Just picked up a case of .223 and a case of 9mm at Walmart.
    I'll get another case of each this weekend.
    Everyone seems to have decent stock right now.

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  17. Not down here. Wal-Mart is out of ammo at 7:05am every morning. (Not that I'm ever up at that time).

    Buying a CASE of ammo is still out of sight here at the normal gun stores.

    One of these days I'll be able to stroll through Wally World and actually see something on the shelf after 1pm, but not any time soon here!!

  18. reaper66


    I don't know about other walmarts but the one here in town still has the one box of one caliber up to three calibers per day policy.
    But an unopened case of ammo counts as one BOX! :)
    Not very many people know that.

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  19. BuckJM53


    I still buy most of my ammo at Walmart and have been stocking up long before the panic buying of 2008 and "Panic II" in 2012 (I still have several Winchester and Federal 100 round 9mm bulk packs on the shelf that I paid $13 for). With some diligence and a little bit of luck, I entered 2014 with about 20% more ammo than I entered 2013 :)
  20. daniellawecki


    I get my ammo out of my ammo storage area I only buy 22lr the rest is reloaded.

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