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Discussion in 'Off Topic Room' started by cableguy, September 1, 2012.

  1. cableguy


    Hey everybody, it's been awhile. Been busy lately, ot at work and family stuff, can't hardly get 5 minutes t myself it seems. Anyhow, anything new going on? Anybody watch the RNC? I was working my ass off. Sorry, sounds like I'm complaining, I'm not. just busy.
  2. Hello stranger, LOL. Glad to hear your being kept busy with good things in like like family. As far as new? I am contemplating a move to a new hosting box that will be faster and better built for the board. Not sure when I am going to pull the trigger but it will happen within a month I think. :)

    I missed the RNC as well, was doing things with the wife when it was on and she told me I was biased enough as it is. :flag:
  3. diesel


    Yup....watched it, Cable. I think we should all pitch in and get Mitt a covert membership in the NRA...LOL:flag:

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