What firearms are on your 'want' list

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by oldman10mm, August 26, 2013.

  1. For me;
    -a few S&W 10mm 10xx series pistols
    -S&W 10mm 610 5"
    -S&W 64 4" 38sp
    -S&W 58 4" 41Mag
    -a lever action 38sp/357m
    -a large bore longarm in the .338-.45x range,lever action or semi-auto,not a bolt action or a 338 Win Mag
    -a Ruger PC9,no longer made 9mm police carbine
    -current production Ruger mini-14 and mini-30 ranch rifles.

    I'll probably think of more !!!
  2. BuckJM53


    The only firearm that I'm honestly considering adding to my current collection at the moment, would be a Nighthawk 1911 T3 with the built in compensator :D


  3. daniellawecki


    I really don't know I stop and look and nothing jumps out at me. I want to buy but I look in the safe and I,m at a loss.

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