What a difference a few months make...

Discussion in 'Long Guns' started by whitewolf68, March 30, 2013.

  1. I purchased my CMMG lower parts kit for $60 and change in December. They are now selling for $120 a piece. I cannot believe my eyes! I thought that just for git and shiggles I would bid on a kit from eBay and his buy it now price is $135. I thought he was crazy but I suppose he is not.
  2. MikeH121


    When I took my AR in to the shop the boss liked the way it looked. He bought 2 from guys at work. 1 Bushmaster and 1 Del-Ton. So with his Korean 1 from a former employee he has 3. He wanted a price from me on mine I told him 3000.00. For all the time and trouble and then I would get another. :D

    Boss is like me kinda a gun nut. Another guy Don at work used to own a gun shop years ago. I shot his 44 mag Lever action Rifle a few years ago. He just bought in a single shot 20 guage and gave it to the boss. He had grabbed shells at Wally World and didnt even look to see if they were 12. So now he has 20g shells and no gun to put them in. It was maybe 1970's shotgun. Something you can grab for under 100.

    The boss though, ain't too easy to "give" him suff. I took him one of those AR pens, he reached for his Pimp wad. (Yes he has a big roll of cash on him always. Tons of ones also. Anyone else and you'd think strip club tips. With him its Flea Market cash) At the local flea on the river there is one guy who empties storage places. At the end of the day he sells everything for a dollar that he has left.
  3. Sounds like you have a buyer already Mike. :D Time for another build.

    I wish I had a gun nut boss right now. I am already thinking about another build too but I have to watch money right now because we are working on home improvements and our adoption is progressing forward as well.

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