What a beautiful day for some shooting...

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  1. 65 degrees, sunny, and mild gusts of wind. Best day for it so far this year, so I took the day to do just that. Me and my buddy John got out enough guns to arm an angry mob and shot a variety of junk we had laying around. First up, he bought himself a Ruger Super Black Hawk .44 magnum. I've shot .44 specials before, but this was my first time with the magnum. It is one hell of a beast of a handgun! Now I need to get my hands on a .500 S&W! The recoil was a little rough at first, but 12 rounds later I was one handing it (with some serious effort). Then there was a Marlin lever action in 45/70, 30-06 Springfield "Sporterized" (fugly'd up) Remmington 870 12 guage express Magnum (using the 12 ga magnum slugs), a Romanian AKM (GP WASR 10/63), Sig Sauer M400, Glock 19 and... Mosin Nagant. We destroyed a lot of junk that was laying around, (Should see what a Mosin will do to a cast iron brake caliper!). We shot 2-3 boxes of ammo through pretty damn well everything but the Mosin... We shot about 200 rounds of 7.62x54 between the two of us before our shoulders couldn't handle anymore abuse. Destroying things with larger caliber weapons is always a blast. But we ran out of junk to shoot. So we set up some golf balls at 50 yards (all the further we could within Johns property) and started nailin' 'em with my Sig AR. Not gonna lie, I was having trouble hitting them, but I managed to hit all 15 golf balls in less than 2 mags. So I won't complain. I managed to hit 5 of them with 30 rounds. But this is an AK we're talking about... Then we got out a Ruger 10-22 and decided to attempt to split some cards at about 5 or so yards. Far enough we could just barely make out the thin edge of the card. Doing this on a gusty day was difficult, as the cards kept bending over and occasionally blowing away. John managed to get one clean split, whereas I only managed to graze 2 cards. 1 of which was with my AK, the other with the 10/22. Better believe I'm keepin' the one I hit with the AK!
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  2. Well at least someone is having a good time shooting. 65 degrees,we might have that here come august.
  3. Oh you'll get 65 degree weather sooner than that... You'll just have to suffer 20 degree weather for the two weeks following. Gotta love Ohio!:lol:

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