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  1. Hey all ....Debating on going to this one or the Tri-State show in Lima. I have been to the Lima show but never to Westland mall. How do these two shows differ for those that have been to both ?? Thx
  2. Sorry Satchmo I've only been to the Lima show a couple of times and never to the Westland show. I always here good things about the Lima show no matter what. I know it beats our little show here in Toledo by far. ;)
  3. AR Chief

    AR Chief

    Satchmo, since you haven't had many replies I can tell you about a few gun shows here in Columbus. I grew up just south of Lima and interestingly enough I have never been to that show so take this for what it's worth.

    The Westland Mall gun show is good. There is a lot of volume both in vendors and in gun enthusiasts. Since there are a lot of vendors my key advice would be to take a lap or two before pouncing on a deal. I did this one time and over paid on my magpul pmags. The next time I went I caught a killer deal on tan magpul pmags with the round count window for $10 a mag. It may not work out that way each time but worth the patience. I have seen a good mix of new and used firearms and generally most people are courteous and knowledgeable.

    I really like the Franklin County gun show that is held at the Franklin County Fairgrounds in Hilliard. It's smaller but the quality is there. I have landed great ammo deals and parts. The crowds are smaller and it's easy to see it all in a couple of passes and get down to brass tacks.

    Hope this helps.

    AR Chief

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