We gotta vote!!!

Discussion in 'The 2nd Amendment' started by diesel, July 28, 2012.

  1. diesel


    :flag:"When it comes to the future of our Second Amendment rights and every other freedom we cherish as Americans, thats exactly the situation you and i face today.
    On November 6th, Election Day 2012, you and i will play one final hand against Pres. Barack Obama, with all the chips on the table. And nothing less than the future of our country and our freedom will be at stake!
    This year is different--because never before have we faced a winner-take-all situation where THE ENTIRE FUTURE OF OUR GUN RIGHTS RESTS ON THE OUTCOME OF ONE SINGLE ELECTION.:evil:
    And make no mistake, Obama has already shown enough of his hand to know exactly where he intends to steer our freedoms if he wins a second term.
    Now, with just one more appointment, Obama will have the Supreme Court majority he needs to reverse every victory you and i have ever won, declare that the Second Amendment is not an individual right, and set the stage for registration, licensing, gun-bans, and eventually confiscation of our firearms.":banghead:

    Quote; Wayne LaPierre, Executive V/P of the NRA

    Couldn't have said it any better. This guy has his stuff on the ball and he knows what the lefties are all about.:flag:
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  2. I'm with you brother, just waiting for the day so we can say goodbye to our CIC and his socialist agenda!
  3. cableguy


    AMEN!!! Diesel. I'm gonna be the first in line. obama is the most incidious threat since WWII.

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