War on Americans: The Coming Police State of America is Here

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  1. I’ve just started a new book about the growing police state in America. Because of my research, I’ve come across several things that prove to me that the police state is in fact, here already. It is simply in the process of growing. Of course, there will be much more detail in my book, but I’d like to present three areas of concern related to the existing police state.

    TSA Checkpoints and Crowd Control The TSA is no longer just in airports eradicating our 4th Amendment rights. They have now moved out into urban areas as well, walking the streets, at entrances to sporting events, and along highways. Teams of TSA agents – referred to as Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) teams – roam parts of America determine willy nilly whom they will search. This clearly (at least in my mind) eradicates or severely limits the 4th Amendment, but TSA doesn’t seem to care and as long as people are willing to accept this illegal behavior, it will continue and worsen. “To justify their unconstitutional infringements, they claim the checkpoints are ‘administrative searches’ that are exempt from probable cause therefore conveniently impervious to constitutional scrutiny.â€

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