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Walther PPQ 45


nra instructor
January 10, 2012

I had to run to the range to start working on the new Glock 30/Gen 4 to make sure it was set up for me. Shot both the Gen 3 (current carry) and the Gen 4 and decided the grip needed to be set up differently. But that's for another thread. (Put the large grip on it when I got home).

However, when I showed up at the range, my good riding and shooting buddy was already there and knocking down steel like there was no tomorrow.

So after a few shots with my new gun, he hands me his Walther and says to try it. I shoot a half dozen shots and it feels excellent. Very tight grouping although all left of center (point of aim) for me.

I don't think much more of it except he needs to adjust that rear sight and he tells me to look at the slide.

Hey, it's a PPQ 45 and not his normal PPQ in 9mm! Very nice and I really didn't notice!

We work with his gun a few more magazines and decide it is definately shooting slightly left so he heads back to the bench, move the rear sight one half turn and we try it again. It's dead spot on center with my next 6 shots. Same for him. I think we've got it.

He said he just picked it up today and wanted to see if he could be ready to shoot it on Monday night. He couldn't find a holster for it but will probably order one tonight.

I found it to be a very nice gun to shoot. Solid feel, good feedback and dead nuts accurate right out of the box. The grip needs to be "slightly" larger for me and evidently it ships with several extra back straps to enlarge or contract the grip.

We'll be heading back out tomorrow when I test my "new" back straps and some Glock 21 magazines for use on the Monday night IDPA shoot.

Bottom line? You probably can't go wrong with the new Walther PPQ 45. A very nice shooter for those of you who are, well, shooters!



Site Owner
October 7, 2011
WOW! Had no idea that they made a .45 ACP. I am gonna have to start saving my change for a new pistol. I always wanted a Walther, my dad has a couple of them.

Thank you AD for the range report on a new handgun. ;)