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  1. diesel


    Just got back from my fruitless W.V. deer hunt. In roughly 20 hrs. of hunting i seen zero deer. My cousin(who was with me)saw 18 and missed a good buck.:rofl:
    Didn't even get to squeeze one off with the aught six...damn!:cry:
    $400 shot in the ass.:flag:
  2. Need to find a deer in West (By God) Virginia?

    Ride down any road on a motorcycle and they'll show up by the hundreds and half of them will just jump in front of you for the taking!!!

  3. Minimal Brat

    Minimal Brat

    Friend of mine has been out for 5 days here in Ohio. Hasn't seen even one deer. Heck put down the bow or gun and they are all over the place lol.
  4. diesel


    LOL...AD. I'm sure your right! Came to find out, the particular area i was hunting suffered a bad case of "blue-tongue disease" 2 years ago. The herd isn't quite back to what it was.
    Didn't seem to be a problem for my cousin though, he saw many deer.:flag:

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