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    First off just wanted to say hello, I live in South East Michigan but I do a lot of business traveling in Ohio and I figured this would be the best place to ask a legal question about Ohio laws. I know that the no guns signs in Ohio carry the weight of law but as an example I was in Canton Ohio and decided that I needed to run to the local Walmart for something. Anyways right at the entrance to their parking lot they have a no guns sign posted. How does one proceed do you have to go somewhere else and lock you gun up in your safe. Can you pull in, park and then lock it up before you get out or what is supposed to be done in this case. Also a few of the buisinesses I do buisiness with have a sign posted as you enter thier parking lots as well so in an effort to no violate any of the local lawes. I asked if anyone had any ideas on the Michigan forum and they suggested I just come here for the response. Thank you in advance
  2. Wal-mart stikes again.

    Don't know which of the Wal-Mart's you went to, but if this the one East of Canton on US 62, I can understand the reasoning. Just behind is a project housing rife with gang activity and Wal-Mart has had more than their fair share of problems with the locals and gun violence. :banghead:
    That being said taking a weapon onto the property beyond the buster sign will put you in violation of the law. All weapons must remain outside whatever perimeter a property owner establishes. It would be the same as my placing a No Trespassing sign around my property and carries the full weight of the law. :bow:
    Now comes the point of who is going to know if the gun is hidden/out of sight and not used while on the lot. You are just going to run that one in a million chance that an officer will see your weapon. First off I won't go to any facility that posts a gun buster sign anyway, Just Saying. :D
    Otherwise I hope you enjoy your visits to the State of Ohio. :flag:

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