Video of gun-toting dad blasting away at daughter's laptop goes viral

Discussion in 'News, Headlines and Information' started by whitewolf68, February 11, 2012.

  1. [video=youtube;kl1ujzRidmU][/video]
  2. Sigh


    There was a news story yesterday about him being visited by police and a child protective services agency. So far, he's come out unscathed.

    It looked like that laptop was coming right for him! I tell ya, it was a self defense... plain and simple. :p

    Was that a Springfield Milspec in stainless?
  3. Glad to here he is not in any trouble. I truly support his actions just like many other people do.

    I agree it was making aggressive gestures towards him. It may have been closed but I am sure there was a gun on the screen. LOL

    It sure did look like a Milspec weapon to me. Also looked like fun too. :D

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