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    IMG_3580_zpsb02f13cb.jpg IMG_3783_zps204c7700.jpg
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    A gentleman purchased this firearm at auction because to him, it had many anomalies.
    Such as a pre-war barrel on an obvious post war gun, the extended ejector rod shroud, and an 8 3/8's barrel on that early of a gun.

    After recieving and looking the piece over, he was delighted to see all matching numbers and the proper numbers on the purple and gold box. How many of you remember that FACTORY box?

    It also has the extended dot front sight which was rarer than hens teeth.

    After contacting S&W and was told no such gun exists, he was happy to tell them of the 8 3/8's, pre-war barrel on a 1950 frame with sights you just can't find( also has the "U" shaped rear sight.)

    It was determined that it was a late 40"s special order gun.
    Now all he has to do is find out who ordered it. Very cool!

    By the way, it's chambered for .357 Mag. not even a hint of a cylinder ring.

    Yup.....still a Smith fanatic, especially for a sidearm as gorgeous as the above. I'd give my left........:flag:
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    Posted this here saw a Remington XP100R in 35 Remington for around a $1000.00. anyone own or shoot this not the ugly nylon stock ones.
  3. No,but I loaded 35 Rem/Marlin 336 for a friends gun. Some of the testing/loading proved INTERESTING as I/we tried 9mm,38/357 bullets in front of all that powder in the rifle case. 35Rem is for .358" bullets.

  4. diesel


    Never shot one but i'd love to have one.
    Passed one up at a pawn shop about 5 years ago for $400.00, i'm still sorry I didn't by that gun.
    My neighbor has one and swears by it.:flag:

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