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  1. Since it appears that ODNR is at least having a constructive and hopefully successful discussion about hunters using rifles during deer season.

    Ohio Division of Wildlife considers center-fire rifles

    What gun and caliber would you use ? I know we do not know the restrictions that ODNR may apply to the guns, but we can at least start thinking about it. If for some reason they rule out lever actions. I will probably add another Contender carbine barrel to my collection. I am leaning towards the .357 maximum.

    For now, the lever actions below are what I am thinking about using.

    Marlin 1894C in .357 Magnum

    This Marlin has a 2-7 scope mounted on it. A lot of people think that the .357 is a little light for whitetail, but I disagree. With a stout load behind a 180 grain Hornady XTP bullet. It will do just fine if you keep it within 100 yards.

    Marlin 1895GS in 45/70

    Believe it or not I bought this rifle new back in 2005 and have never shot it. My plan at the time was to use it to go black bear and wild pig hunting. That hasn't happened yet, so it's sitting in the safe just waiting. It may be a bit big for whitetails, but it is an option.

    Winchester 1892 in .44 Magnum

    This rifle was manufactured in 1918 as a 44-40 and at some point was converted to a .44 magnum. My mom used it to hunt deer in Pennsylvania back in the 70's. I plan on working up a .44 special load using a Keith type bullet. I will probably start out using 8 to 9 grains of Unique and see where that takes me. This is the one that I would really like to use. Mainly because it's 85 years old and has been used in the family before.
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  2. daniellawecki


    Marlin in 44mag down loaded open sights but then again the 30/30 has taken many many deer over the years.
  3. diesel


    I would love to kill a deer with my Henry Yellow Boy in .45Colt.:D:flag:
  4. Dan, it will be more than likely straight walled cartridges that will be allowed. Word is, they are looking at Indiana regulations as a model. I would agree with you that the 30/30 is a real deer killing machine and will continue to be for some time.


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