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Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by Chris1911, July 27, 2012.

  1. Does anyone have one?? How do you like it? I hate the mess made by all the brushes and patches and want something less messy. Thanks
  2. I own the Lyman version and personally I love it. It does take a while to get the carbon deposits loose (several cycles) but it does work well. Also you must work in small batches because of the size of the units. I still use my old vibratory tumblers for some work though.

    Using the ultrasonic cleaner works well for me in .223 especially with the small flash holes there is no corn cob media stuck there and when they are wet it's extra easy to clean out the primer pockets residue with a brush. Very minor inconvenience but works well. Only real down side is the drying time can be a couple of days unless they are laid out singly to dry.

    I am VERY picky about my brass cleaning and always try to get then extra, extra clean but that's just me. YMMV.

    Overall I personally love my ultrasonic cleaner.
  3. Thanks, that's what I wanted to know. I'd probably use it mostly to clean some guns as well. Now I gotta get one.
  4. I've yet to try it for cleaning guns. They do have some Lyman cleaner as well that works wonders. I know there are also some recipes on the net to make your own solution as well.

    Check out the reviews on the Hornady and Lyman brands. So far I've seen good reviews and I've had good luck with my Lyman.
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    Um could you guys enlighten me a little more. Does the ultrasonic cleaner use a chemical solution or what?
  6. Yes it does. I use water and the Lyman cleaner. Your supposed to use distilled water from what I've heard but I've always used plain tap water and the solution.
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    Thats a GREAT idea, Chris. Never thought of that to clean guns. Let us know how it works on the guns as i'd be very interested. Perhaps i will purchase one.
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    Thanks Wolf. I wonder if that is ok on blued/parkarized finishes.
  9. I wish I could tell you it is but I have not tried it myself. I know others that have but I do not know if the pieces were Stainless or not. Perhaps a call to Lyman would get you the information. I know they have great customer service. :)
  10. I have read from Wilson Combat that they use to clean their guns. I will trust it to clean my blued 1911 when I get it.
  11. Please do let us know how it works. I would be interested to know myself. It would make cleaning my Kimber 1911 a breeze if that's that case.

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