U.S. Backs Out of United Nations Arms Trade Treaty

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  1. Those who’ve waited years for a landmark United Nations treaty to regulate the multibillion-dollar global arms trade will have to wait a little longer, as the United States along with several other member states backed away from the negotiating table this past Friday. The reason?

    Well, U.S. officials said they needed more time. They were the first to make the announcement, but were soon followed by Russia and China who also asked for more time to review and consider the details of the Arms Trade Treaty.

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  2. diesel


    It's about time somebodt in this disgraceful administration did something right!

  3. Yeah but let's see is they still have cubes keep the stance and not bow under pressure.

    I am hopeful there is a FEW patriots left in our government that refuse to give control up to an international body of leaders.
  4. Of course the US officials said "they needed more time".

    What they REALLY mean is "I'm so glad I didn't have to make a real decision and tick off about 90% of the populace with only 90 days to an election".

    As usual, they've shown themselves for what they really are. Self-serving jerks.

    Also, I believe the REAL reason this whole thing didn't come up was many of the OTHER countries couldn't come up with a way to present it so it just died.

    Once again, the politicians in this country never had to actually make a decision. They just took the "credit" for it.


  5. diesel


    Russia and China also refused to sign. Like i said, without U.S. funding, the U.N. would self-implode.
    It amazes me (or perhaps not so these days) that the lefties could convolute the original intension of the U.N. into a gun control lobby. The U.N. was intended to kinda "gang up" on belligerent, aggressor nations (such as the nazis) to stop additional warfare by the a-fore-mentioned state and or states.
    Leave it up to these one world govn. types to try to use it to their advantage.
    I'm sure you guys are tired of my preaching, but we need to take our country back........starting with the removal of barak and hillary!!!!!:flag:
  6. This is not dead yet! This is much like B.O. asking Putin's henchman for more time saying he will have more freedom after the election. For B.O. to sign this now would ruin his chance for re-election (not that I think he has much of a chance now). If he gets another term this will just be the tip of the iceberg in what we can expect when it comes to gun control.

    Who ever is elected will likely seat a number of Surpreme Court judges and the pro gun judges just barely outnumber the anti gun judges now. If B.O. gets to be the one to decide who sits on the bench next you may very well see a drastic turn in our right to keep and bear arms.

    If you are not registered to vote DO IT NOW! We need to remove this lying, cheating, constitution destroying, foriegner from office and do so by a landslide so as to send a message to the socialist loving left that we as Americans will not stand for their ideology in OUR COUNTRY!

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