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  1. Well it does look like I have lost here. No posts in a week. Guess its time to look at some things.

    Anyone wanna contact me here you can at whitewolf68 at ohgunowners.net
  2. MikeH121


    I think people just get busy. I know I have been lately. Weather changing. But warmer means more shoot time.
  3. daniellawecki


    Andy I have been very busy with the wife's health problems. My buddy Howard dropped by today and tomorrow a shooting report will be posted.:flag::)
  4. Thank you guys...

    Yeah I know people get busy and all. Dan, I completely understand, I've been through that far too many times with other family members and friends. I sincerely wish you and your wife the very best and hope and pray for you both.

    I wish I could be completely honest here about how I feel but this is not the place for such an emotion display. Perhaps another time.
  5. TrustyCow


    Hey I sent you a conversation and an email, did you receive them? Please get back to me if interested.

    If anyone knows any other ways to contact WhiteWolf68 please let him know to check his messages here.

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