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Trouble setting up new Dillon XL650


January 23, 2014
I just bought a Dillon XL650, and having the worst time setting up all the dies for some reason. My other press is a Lee Pro 1000, and I never had this much trouble setting it up. I know....everyone is going to say it's a matter of tweeking, and I agree, but doesn't matter whether I adjust one way or another, it just doesn't seem to work out.
Here is my setup: st#1 (had Lee resize/decap), but bent pin) so now a Hornaday New Dimension resize/decap, die, St#2:powder drop, St#3-Dillon powder check, St#4-Hornaday bullet feeder die, St#5-RCBS bullet seat/crimp die.
I had trouble with several shells not being deprimed, and checked die, and pin did no longer stuck out like it had. Tried re-adjusting pin, and could not get die apart to adjust. Finally did, and found that the thread
on the cap for pin adjustment to be scored up and pin was bent, so I went out and bought a new set of Hornaday "New Dimention"dies at Cabelas. After changing out there were still several pieces of brass that seemed to have shoved that pin up into the die, and did not decap them, and had to reset that one also.
Next is St#2, powder drop funnel. Doesn't seem to matter which way on that die adjustment that I go, whether it works or not.. I adjusted the bell enough for a bullet to sit on top of the casing by the bullet feeder die, but to me, it seems a little extreme on the expanding . If I back it off so it doesn't feel so extreme of a bell, a bullet will not sit in the casing.
On to St#4- Hornaday bullet feeder die. I am not going to use a bullet feeder machine, just the plastic tube. Will hold probably hold about 23 or so bullets at a time. Set up according to Hornaday phone customer support, and does't seem to feed a bullet consistently every time . Not sure whether the belling has any effect on that or not.
And finally St#5- I have an RCSB seat/crimp die in that station. Since I bought the new Hornaday dies I figured that I may as well use another one of that set. The RCSB is also new. I had the RCSB set up and perfect seat and crimp, but see that the Hornaday has I guess you would call it a floating bullet alignment piece that hangs down from the die.. I setup the bullet length and crimp, but will not set down in a bullet gauge if I check the barrel clearance.
I love this machine, but want to get it working ASA.
New toy and not working yet.


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