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  1. Does anyone have any information about traveling through Illinois with a handgun.I imagine it's pretty much the same as ohio,but I sure don't want to be wrong there. Went to Ill. ag web site but nothing there,[surprise surprise].My son is relocating to KC and has to take his guns.
  2. To my knowledge Illinois is VERY anti-gun at least for concealed carry, if I remember right there is no such thing as a CCW permit in Illinois. I would use extreme caution when going though there if carrying.
  3. Rule #1 for traveling with a gun. If you don't know the local laws, don't do it!!

    Seriously, we take an annual motorcycle trip, complete with multiple guns and we religiously AVOID Illinois at all costs.

    For the very few times we have to traverse it, the guns get put in one bag, the ammo in another, the magazines in another. You would think that the national interstate transportation of guns is a universal statute, but states like Illinois, New Dork and Kalifornia just make stuff up as they go.

    The REALLY strange thing about all this is as soon as you cross the border into Missouri, YOU CAN OPEN CARRY!!

    Some of the gun laws for these "rogue" states are just so incredibly off the wall that moving through the state is impossible for a normal, law abiding gun owner.

    I would recommend going to USACarry dot com and start reading up on the states you wish to travel. Google search is your friend and tracking down the information from the appropriate state's local gun owner's associations will help you out immensely.

    Or you could just blow off Illinois and travel through something a bit more scenic and gun friendly.

    AD (open carry advocate and practitioner)
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    ADulay speaks the truth!! In Illinois (as I understand it) if you have loaded magazines stored in a separate locked box from your locked weapon... The weapon is considered loaded. When I go through I have one lock box for ammo, one for magazines and one for guns. Unfortuantely, I cannot avoid it going between Minnesota and Ohio.
  5. I wish there was an easy way to avoid Illinois,but I don't see it.I'm surprised that I cannot find answers on any official Illinois web sight.I believe that the best choice would be to lock everything into different boxes and then seperate them all.I'll keep looking though,just to satisfy my curiosity. Thanks Guys
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    OK - maybe this will help, it's from the Illinois SP. Since you're a non-resident, you won't need a FOID (Firearm Owner's ID). Specifically you'll want to look at the second page where it addresses a non-resident travelling through the state. Keep in mind (as it mentions in this document) that local ordinances may also apply. Illinois is terribly anti-gun and I would definitely err on the side of caution.

    I did a little more research. Here is a page from that outlines in more detail what you can and can't do including links to supporting court cases. Everything else I find pretty much points to the PDF from the Illinois SP.

    When I travel from MN to OK, I carry in WI or IA (depending on which route I take). I stop just before the border, disarm, unload the weapon, unload the magazine and lock the guns up. Once I cross the border on the other side, I load up again. Just my $0.02. All you need is one over-zealous anti-gun officer to stop you and discover a GUN-OMG to make you day miserable. I especially like the last section in the document "However, at a traffic stop, you should expect the officer to handle the situation at face value, take enforcement action accordingly, and let the court settle the matter.". Bear in mind that this will be the officer's interpretation of the law.

    Good luck and be safe.

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