Toys R Us not carry friendly

Discussion in 'Carry Issues & Self Defense' started by whitewolf68, February 19, 2012.

  1. Had to go with the wife the other day to do some running and of course I was carrying. She had to go to Toy R Us and low and behold there was a CPZ sign on the door. Been there while too because if was clearly faded quite a bit but it was there. Anyhow, had to disarm and return.
  2. And it's corporate wide too.

    It's for the safety of the children, don'tchya know. :banghead:
  3. I wondered if it was a corporate policy. They probably do not carry toy guns either. :D
  4. In Florida, those signs do not carry the rule of law.

    If you conceal carry in the store and for some reason you are seen with the concealed weapon, once you are asked to leave, you must.

    If you stay, THEN you can be arrested for a trespass charge.

    If you stay concealed, there's no harm and no foul.

  5. As a matter of fact....they don't sell any toy gun that might look too real.
  6. :rofl: How did I know that...

    It figures. We have sterilized our society to the point of absurdity. I used to ride a bike without a helmet and pads, I went to R-rated movies when I was a child and all those other horrible things. Hell I even played with toy guns that look real. My point is that I've not killed anyone, been in jail ever, and certainly do not have brain damage (my wife will argue that point). It's scary how far thing have gone and where they are going.
  7. diesel


    Maybe some day(hopefully not,) some armed robber will come into one of their stores and hold them up. They will wish for an armed customer to be there. I'd bet that will remove their sign.
  8. Knowing the anti-gunners they will blame a law biding CCW holder.
  9. They'll blame the gun.
  10. neohiobiker


    YOU did not have to disarm and return ............. You should have sent in your wife to speak to the manager and tell them they just lost a sale and have her walk out w/o a purchase.. That's what you should have done....That is what I do.
  11. I merely did that for my wife's sake. She needed help getting the product to the car because of size and weight. It was solely for her and her co-worker otherwise I would have walked out of the place never to return. Besides the sign was so faded I could have, should have, just went in and claimed ignorance to the sign if any one found I was carrying. :D

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