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Today's Costs In Perspective


March 5, 2012
While my wife and I were recently reminiscing about the cost of things when we were dating and as newlyweds, we decided to dial up an inflation calculator to really see just how much inflation has affected us during our 47 years together (married 43 of those :)).

1969 - First class stamp $.06 ................. Today's dollars $.39
1969 - Ave Gas per gallon $.30 .............. Today's dollars $1.94
1972 - Our weekly food budget $20.00 .... Today's dollars $141.00
1974 - 1st new house $26,900 ............... Today's dollars $129,325.00
1975 - 1st new car $2,900.00 ................ Today's dollars $12,775.00
1975 - My annual income $13,000 .......... Today's dollars $57,271.00

If memory serves, we ate really well on that $20 a week budget and were scared to death when we signed that 1st mortgage :D.

Of course in the late '60s I was buying Remington .22lr ammo at the local hardware for about $.75 per box of 50 as well .... Today's dollars $4.84 :eek: