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Today's Confirmation


nra instructor
January 10, 2012

As you've often heard me say, just standing at a "static" range and lobbing bullets at a paper target not only gets old fast, it is not the best use of time if you're attempting to become a "better shooter" (whatever that is) because you're not having to think and shoot.

Today we had our semi-annual meetup over in Daytona Beach for Biketoberfest. The other time of the year is in March for Bike Week.

Anyway, this year I put together a short small IDPA style "challenge" for all four of us to play on. We had done some shooting in March and all agreed we should put on a challenge.

Well, fast forward to today and I built a nice, four stage "match" that could be run in a single shooting bay. We went to the Volusia Gun Club earlier this afternoon and got all set up.

Now were dealing with everybody as a concealed permit holder, all former military (many years ago) and all former Federal Flight Deck Officers. Yes, at one time all of us were "Armed Pilots". I know hard to believe in my case for sure.

The stages were basic. First one was simply shoot each of three targets once and then again, and then one shot to each head. 9 shots total. Several missed head shots FROM FIVE YARDS.

Next stage was to start at the 5 yard line, engage all three targets while moving to the 8 yard line. One shot to all three heads. Two guys failed to move and two also missed the heads from 8 yards.

Then we did another stage while retreating. Three of them stopped while shooting. Evidently moving and shooting was a new experience. If you've never done it, it's all new stuff no matter how much you've shot before!

The last stage started at 20 yards with 2 shots to each target. Advance to the 10 yard line while reloading and reengage with two shots each strong hand only! They didn't do too bad there. Each guy had a miss.

And then continue to the 5 yard line while reloading and reengage shooting weak hand only. That was ugly.

The point here is that although all of these guys had real training somewhere, regularly shoot at the various static ranges and have all been to a government training school, they ALL had trouble when they had to do something besides just shoot the gun!

It's like I've always said. Get out there and work with your carry gun doing things you will need to do when you need it. Move, hide, take cover, shoot!!!

AD (why of course I beat all those guys. It wasn't even close!)