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  1. All,

    I was doing my normal internet checking and all that and wound up back at the NRA-ILA site where you can write all your legislators. State, local and national legislators from YOUR zip code are all listed and automatically addressed.

    Once you write your message (or copy/paste it) from another place, you just click on either "Email" or "Written" message and you'll see what it looks like.

    Me? I always use the "Written" choice as it's a real, live letter, sent via US Postal and they have to read it and respond, which is good.

    Emails are generally just blasted through but they have to actually open the mail and document it. Obviously the President isn't going to read your letter, but one of his aides will. The same goes for your senators, governnors and congresscritters.

    If you select the "mail" option like I did, the document prints to either your printer or your computer as an "rtf" document so you can make sure it will work with your printer before printing or sending anything.

    It's all finished. All you do is print it and stuff an envelope. About a month or so later, you'll get a nice reply that will not actually say anything, but you did at least get your message added to some list in their office.

    So, head on over and send out a letter. I've made up a small Word document that has all the addresses in it now so anytime I need to send another letter, I just crank out an envelope, type up a message and it is done!

    Here's the link in case you've never been over to the NRA-ILA site:

    NRA-ILA | Write Your Reps

    And if you hate the NRA, you don't even have to be a member to use the service!

    Anyway, don't get stuck on the sidelines. Write your legislators, no matter how stupid they appear on TV.

    AD (none of my guns killed anything while writing those letters)
  2. All,

    What's that you say? You can't seem to come up with anything to say?

    Well, once we eliminate the stuff we REALLY want to say, you can probably come up with something close to this, which got sent out today.

    Fee free to copy, edit, erase, delete, use for the birdcage or make up your own. Even one paragraph is better than nothing so send something out to these people.


    The Honorable Somebody or Other

    The incredible amount of grandstanding and media grabbing by legislators when "gun control" is the subject is not only counter productive to what we all want, it is actually embarrassing to watch.

    Grown men and women who are supposedly intelligent human beings being driven, literally, by their desire to "do something" no matter how useless it appears to be. Just get the face in front of the media and the masses will follow in order.

    Not quite. You may amazed to learn that there are actually people who vote who have read all of our United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Perhaps once all the cameras and microphones are put away, all of the legislators shouting to "do something" should think about reading these documents, at least ONCE!

    We now have more than enough laws protecting citizens from anything that could possibly be done, illegally, with a gun. Why would we need even more restrictions on law abiding citizens? Yes, that's who these "new" laws would affect. Not the street criminal. Not the deranged mass killer. Only the law abiding citizens will be affected, and WE'RE NOT THE PROBLEM!

    So, take a break from the media. Sit down and actually read the Constitution or at a minimum, the entire Bill of Rights. Those words are as good now as they were 200 years ago.

    I love my country. I'm not all that enthused about my government.


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