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time for a real change


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January 26, 2012
Holder’s Latest Scandal: DOJ Now Pressuring Banks to Refuse Service to Gun Stores

For the past several months, the U.S. Department of Justice has been pressuring banks to refuse service to businesses the DOJ is targeting politically, such as gun stores, in a program entitled Operation Choke Point.

Holders Latest Scandal: DOJ Now Pressuring Banks to Refuse Service to Gun Stores 013014holder2
Corrupt Attorney General Eric Holder has been involved in no less than 16 scandals.

Under the program, the DOJ, headed by Attorney General Eric Holder, is attempting to shut down various legal businesses, including firearm dealers, dating services, purveyors of drug paraphernalia and pornography distributors, by coercing financial institutions to close the bank and merchant accounts associated with these businesses.

Back in March, a Florida couple who own a gun store received a letter from BankUnited informing them that the bank was closing their business account, which they opened seven years prior, and gave them three days to transfer their money elsewhere.

“I was very angry,†Elizabeth Liberti told the Miami New Times. “They were very inconsiderate. We had all our credit cards going through that bank.â€

“All of a sudden, we had to run and find another bank to keep our business going. We shut down for two weeks, and they wouldn’t even tell us why.â€

BankUnited finally gave them a reason some time later.

“This letter in no way reflects any derogatory reasons for such action on your behalf, but rather one of industry,†wrote branch manager Ricardo Garcia. “Unfortunately your company’s line of business is not commensurate with the industries we work with.â€

And it isn’t just gun stores that the Justice Dept. is targeting.

Last week, Xbiz, a news outlet pertaining to adult entertainment, reported that Chase Bank was sending out letters to hundreds of porn stars notifying them that their accounts would be terminated.

“I got a letter and it was like please cancel all transactions, please fix your automatic pay account and make sure everything’s taken care of by May 11,†actress Teagan Presley told Xbiz. “I called them and they told me that because I am, I guess, public and am recognizable in the adult business, they’re closing my account.â€

“Even though I don’t use my account, it’s my personal account that I’ve had since I was 18, when it was Washington Mutual before Chase bought them out.â€

And when Presley went to Bank of America to open a new account, the bank also turned her away.

An adult industry attorney, Michael Fattorosi, told Xbiz that banks in the past have “notoriously closed adult accounts or people in the industry’s accounts, but nothing like this.â€

That’s because this discrimination is coming straight from the Justice Dept.

The DOJ is ensuring the banks’ cooperation by threatening them “with subpoenas, civil investigative demands, and other burdensome and costly legal demands,†according to Jason Oxman, the CEO of the Electronic Transactions Association.

“And it’s working – payments companies across the country are cutting off service to categories of merchants that – although providing a legal service – are creating the potential for significant financial and reputational harm as law enforcement publicizes its activities,†he wrote.

The Justice Dept.’s ultimate goal is to shut down these businesses completely.

One need not even comment on this Nazi bullshit.:mad: :flag:


nra instructor
January 10, 2012
Once again the DOJ is overstepping their limits and doing the dirty work for someone else's agendas.

This kind of stuff is just sick and shows a really childish as well as punitive nature of the entire system.

What next? Temper tantrums on the White House lawn because the pet peeve of the supposed "leaders" of this country isn't supported by the MAJORITY of the voting public?

We apparently now have spoiled children running the show.


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