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Three deaths in one month. Suspicious? I think so...


September 5, 2012
I do not have a tin foil hat but it may be time to make on just in case.....

Kyle was helping a PTSD guy at a range....it may be a flashback moment.

Noveske was alcohol related ?

Ratliff no idea at all.

As Ben Franklin said, "3 people can keep a secret if 2 of them are dead"

I do not believe in conspiracies, this admin is not keeping secrets, the info is out there, like Benghazi, they just lie directly about it. The media feeds the lies. This though would be the perfect time for conspiracies with a not just complacent media but an active arm of the Dems.

It is like the gun issue, Sen. Durbin kept asking about a 100 rd mag, the theater shooter had, it jammed he went to the shotgun. Prof David Kopel said it was a piece of crap basically. he schools them on the furniture issue and the scary gun and teachers in Utah carry.

Professor David Kopel's Testimony to the Gun Control Senate Hearing | The Truth About Guns