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This site/forums too 'dead' with having 426 members

December 23, 2012
maybe I can get some activity from members
transitioning into Zombies are here,the Zombie programs just won't DIE.
Scenario is,They are here. We're ONLY gonna discuss firearms,NOT where to go to,vehicles,knives,swords,machetes,water,food,any other prepping,or firearms/ammo you have to go get,just what you have on hand. This is a gun forum,right ?
The other part of the scenario is you HAVE TO LEAVE,the area(wherever that is) is gonna be nuked/burnt/incinerated,so you can't go back.

My 22LR rifles and my good supply of easy to carry 22LR ammo.
All my 9mms',AR and pistols mags ammo.

everything else(firearms with appropriate ammo) is given to neighbors,the more they can dispatch,the less I have to be concerned about/with.
September 5, 2012
The zOmbie apOcOlypse already happened. With the O voters. (See what I did there?) Lines of mindless fleshbags hoping for there free gov'ment brains.

The problem is they are sucking the smart out of our brains. At least our so called leaders.

No one in the Pro 2A/gun movement says I have enough ammo. We always want/need more. We work for it, pay for it, spend even more to set up the time consuming reloading. We shoot to stay in shape. (Maybe a few more pushups and a few less big macs would help us with the other shape.)

Yet we have a growing number saying that our right is not really a right. Lets get the morons in the media to "register" their words. Let's have them arrested if they lie. Arrest politicians for lying also. Lets start a movement that 1st A rights don't mean you can lie. It's about free responsable speech. And they will be held accountable. You just can't go "shooting" off at the mouth and expect no one to get hurt.

I would take the guns I could carry. I would take the AR but when I run outta ammo, or mags break, get lost, hard to load one rd at a time. Would carry the Mosin, rugged, load a rd at a time, and all the ammo I can carry. More power more range. Take down game. 22 pistols. Knives. A sword or machete. Matches, firestarter.

As to friends/neighbors. Depends. If they cannot be counted on in a pinch they are a liability. Move as light as you can.

As to a nuke I think maybe go to ground zero and watch the show for the few moments you have. Ain't much left if the nukes fall. Would rather it be quick than get radiation sickness from the air/water/food supply.
March 24, 2013
I run with the 1911's -22 hunter - AR is scoped so that it will reach out and touch ya. The nearest forest would become my new home. As for a nuke ain't much you can do kiss ass good-by.
December 11, 2012
I've always liked the idea of a fortified bunker, well stocked and comfortable enough to sustain the family for 6 months.
After all unless you live in an area where you can walk off into the underbrush and get lost (having the ability to survive in the wild will also help with idea), or have a vehicle that will get you to such an area safely. You are better to hunker down and take your chances.
I live in an area that is comprised of like minded citizens willing to work together to survive, all capable of contributing to the general welfare. That in mind I would rather share with those neighbors what I can than walk away from my rations not knowing what I am walking or driving into.
Keep in mind the world is not going to hell in a hand basket overnight, so as things go south you must plans for the inevitable.
As is with my brother and his family who live in the West Suburbs of Chicago, they know that if social order falls apart they have a better chance of survival making a run early on to my rural area than trying to stick it out in the burbs.


GOA Member
January 26, 2012
First and foremost, my .22's and my Ranger.(Ruger 10/22, S&W A22-1) And my M14(if I have room)
Up into the endless woods that surround my part of the world (most that I know like the back of my hand) to a cave by a lake, bout 3/4's of a mile from my back door, in a long abandoned limestone quarry that abuts my property. I would take my chances here and slug it out with others who try to take it. Mostly because I grew up playing in here and know it so well.

For companionship, most definitely my dog. The old lady can have the rest of the guns and the MRE's, just leave me the hell alone and let me die in peace.:lol: :flag: