This just got real scary...

Discussion in 'The 2nd Amendment' started by whitewolf68, January 9, 2013.

  1. This is not happenning. Fellow dems are against sweeping contols and are going on the record against even Fienstein's bill. Obama cannot use an executive order to bypass the constitution. This doesn't go to the SCOTUS as there is already abundant case law on the subject from the SCOTUS.
  2. He has given illegal EOs in the past and I don't see public opinion or anything else stopping him. He owns the media and they will spin and cover anything he says.
  3. rebel_son


    This, just like executive action to allow illegal invaders to stay in the country, will only stand if people allow it.

    Obama needs to learn and hear those magical words.


    Not that Obama follows the law, but I do believe that executive action has to have some basis in law. He has proven he will break the law when he used executive action to bypass congress and defacto pass the dream act ( treason). I think the supreme court needs to settle this boy down. He has gotten way to big for his britches.

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