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  1. So I was watching Criminal Minds tonight and one scene struck me very funny. At the 52 minute mark where, Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson), comes up behind the bad guy with his GLOCK drawn on him you hear a very audible click of a handgun hammer being cocked. Perhaps they have a new prototype from Glock that we've yet to see?

    I seriously cannot believe that in this day and age of television they cannot get that detail correct? It just made me laugh out loud a lot. My wife, Amy, came in asking what was so damn funny and I told her. She did not understand until I explained to her that there are no hammers to cock on those handguns. After reviewing it for her she then understood and laughed as well, not nearly as much as me though.

    I am just dumb founded how they can let that error slide. o_O:confused::rolleyes:
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    All of Hollywood puts sounds in that don't belong watch enough TV, Listen to the motorcycle and cars once those happen a lot. And yes I caught that last night.
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  3. diesel


    Didn't see it but, yes that's funny. Reminds me of the "General Lee" peeling out in grass and the tires would squeal......LOL.:flag:
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  4. Yeah every now and then I catch a small hint of it but that one was just too obvious to me, probably because of my involvement with firearms I would imagine.

    You know, now that I think about it, I do recall that happening. Along with the sound of a gravel peel out on grass and/or pavement a time or three. LOL
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  5. Hollywood rarely, if ever, get helicopter sounds right.

    Guys carrying shotguns around and when the SHTF, THEN they decide to rack one into the chamber! What were they doing running around with an empty gun for the last 10 minutes!!!!

    And of course pretty much all of the FBI, CIA, DEA, BVD, BMW, etc always carry all day long with an empty gun (on TV) and when they enter a doorway, THEN they decide to chamber a round.

    Drives me nuts to watch the silliness but you have to get that sound of the gun "racking the slide" for effect I suppose.

    As long as I'm on a roll, I would tend to think that pretty much every single law enforcement person on any of those programs would be on 75% disability about two weeks into the job. It's hard to believe you can shoot so many bullets, guns, machine guns and the like INSIDE A ROOM and not go deaf by episode three.

    Think about the noise of your AR on "auto" inside a parking garage. It hurts just to think about it. Now have about 10 guys all blasting away.

    AD (I think the Kardashians need some kind of gun show)
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  6. You made some very valid points AD. Yeah it pains me to no end on the stupidity of hollyweird. I too notice that almost every "officer" has a empty handgun UNTIL the moment of truth.

    Also if I recall right even in the Terminator movies Arnold did the same damn thing too, racking the slide. LMAO

    Disability hell they'd be dead by now for being stupid. I don't personally know any bad guys that are gonna say "hold on a second while I rack the slide to shoot you".
  7. Not sure how I missed that but YES I wish they would do a gun show on what NOT to do with demonstrations on each other. Just my 4 cents worth. ;)o_O
  8. mooosie


    Those sounds are put there to strike fear into the hearts of libtards and sheepol and the rest of the low information people

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  9. diesel


    How about the speedometer close-up, showing 100 mph. and the shifter is in PARK.........:rofl::flag:
  10. Very true. Sort of a fear training for the lay person. ;)

    I've seen that one in MANY films as well. Never fails to make me laugh. I just love the film and television industries LACK of small detail when trying to tell a story.

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