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The swamp is draining - slowly but surely.


February 19, 2015
First and foremost - Hillary Clinton is not the President of the United States of America - she never was, and she never will be.

President Donald J. Trump (45) is - and against all of the odds. WINNING!!!

Here we are - Feb 4, 2018, still standing on top of the daisies, and, although the snow is falling here, the light at the end of this dismal tunnel, that is the swamp in Wash., D.C.; it's slowly but surely getting brighter for us all.

Trump has proven himself to be the leader and winner we voted for in 2016. How cool is that?

Not since Ronald W. Reagan has there been such a great ray of hope to shine on the mess that is our Congress, and cause the denizens who crawl through the slime in there, scurrying for cover. Schumer, Pelosi, the Democrats, the NAACP/The Congressional Black Caucus, (also throw in RINOs Corker, Flake and "Insane" McCain) . . . up yours! We won - and you didn't.

The more the left, who are the real losers; the Trump haters, never-Trumpers; the perpetually out-of-touch Democrat obstructionists (that goes for the McCain wing of the Republican Party, as well) you have failed miserably to destroy the American Dream that you and your false idol, Obama sought to impose on us.

The President wasn't able to do much to kill ObamaCare (as yet), but it wasn't for lack of trying - his own Party, the RINO Republicans betrayed him as surely as they continue to betray the rest of America. No matter, we've got more 'crumbs' in our pockets now; there is more to come, with more jobs coming back into this country, Conservative SC judges (one already seated), and more to come.

Our 2A Right is still intact, and best of all - the Left is beside themselves with hysteria because Donny b0y beat them at their own game and they have absolutely no idea how to respond.

Go Trump!