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  1. The Safety Bullet is the fastest – easiest – firearm safety device made.
    [​IMG]Safety Bullet

    [​IMG]Safety Bullet
    Panama City, Fl --( When you need instant access to live rounds rack your gun twice you will have loaded a lethal round.
    If someone get their hands on your gun and pulls the trigger the Safety Bullet instantly expands in place and locks your gun. There is not another device on the planet that is faster…
    Pull the trigger and a cci small pistol primer goes off. It has just enough energy to push what looks like a roofing nail forward about 3/8 of an inch.
    The nail is flaring out the plastic front of the Safety Bullet locking itself in your gun. Now the gun is a paper weight until the Safety Bullet is removed. Simply place the rod that came with the kit down the barrel and drive the locking nail back inside the plastic and eject the Safety Bullet from your gun.
    Then send us your used Safety Bullet to us to be re-primed. They are re-loadable, reusable and guaranteed forever!
    Store unloaded guns with one or two Safety Bullets chambered, as an additional level of safety and you could prevent an unwanted accident.
    Concealed carry holders carry one in the chamber as an additional layer of safety on your daily carry weapon.
    Order from any one of our stocking dealers: Ultimate Gun Safety Device- fast- easy- inexpensive

    Mission Statement
    We at Safety Bullet have dedicated our lives to protecting kids and families from Accidental Shootings. The Safety Bullet concept was developed because of an accidental shooting that left a 6 year old little girl dead. Mike Worley decided to find and answer to end tragedies like this. This is where the Safety Bullet comes from, the heart of an inventor. The Safety Bullet is the fastest – easiest – firearm safety device in the world. When you need your gun rack it twice and you will have loaded a live round. If your child finds your gun and pulls the trigger, the primer activated Safety Bullet instantly expands in the firing chamber disabling your firearm and protects your loved ones from an accidental shooting! Visit:

    Read more at The Safety Bullet - Add Another Layer of Guns Safety To Your Weapon
  2. A very interesting concept to what can be a devastating problem.
    I like this, if I had children or grandchildren around my home they would be worth their weight in gold.
  3. What an interesting way to solve a real problem.

    At first I had thought, why not just NOT load a round in the chamber to prevent the child from shooting the gun, but then they're smart enough to rack the slide. The two bullet thing solves that.

    The revolver is just perfect. With the revo you can just short stroke the hammer and have that "safe" round move on past the firing pin.

    I think I'll head to the range and see just how much time you "lose" by having two dead rounds in an automatic before you can get it into action.

    Thanks for the article.

  4. With my wife and I working to adopt our first child I was thinking about something like this. One of the requirements was/is that if there are guns in the home the guns and ammo must be separate. Of course that was done for the visits. :whistle:

    Please let me know how your test go AD. I am very interested in the results.
  5. Well, ask and ye shall receive!

    I headed off to the range after lunch (retirement is soooo nice) and decided to see if this "safety bullet" is a viable solution to the problem of "someone" getting the gun and accidentally shooting it.

    The basic setup was the Glock 30 and Glock 21, outdoor range, sun behind me, 10 yard target, Winchester White Box 230g ammo.

    All starts were from a random timer set between 1.5 and 5.5 seconds to start, drawn from a OWB holster with no cover garment.

    The VERY FIRST test shot was shot cold. No warmup practice draws, no practice racking, nothing. The very first shot was to see how I would react to having to THINK about racking the slide twice and then firing.

    Anyway, Test #1 was done with an empty chamber and the "safe" bullet at the top of the magazine. This would require the shooter to draw, rack the slide TWICE and then fire at the target.

    Oh yeah, you actually have to HIT the target!! Any miss (thankfully there were none) would result in a second shot.

    #1 - 2.19 secs (no warmup or practice. Just draw an do it.)
    #2 - 2.00
    #3 - 2.05
    #4 - 1.94
    #5 - 1.69
    #6 - 1.61
    #7 - 1.66
    #8 - 1.65
    #9 - 1.67
    #10 - 0.95 (this was the control shot of a normal draw and fire)

    The next test was to simulate having the "safe" bullet loaded in the chamber which would require you to draw, rack the slide to eject the "safe" bullet and load a live round.

    Test #2

    #1 - 1.63
    #2 - 1.57
    #3 - 1.44
    #4 - 1.61
    #5 - 1.44
    #6 - 1.52
    #7 - 1.57
    #8 - 1.38
    #9 - 1.42
    #10 - 1.50

    There are a few things to be aware of here. First off, it takes TWO hands to do all this stuff. You CANNOT simply draw and fire. It takes two hands to make it work.

    Second - You must trust your gun absolutely and with 100% certainty that you will be able to rapidly rack the slide twice and get into the fight. A short stroke, weak slide release, hesitation on the rack or riding the slide, and you WILL be immediately unarmed.

    Third - You MUST chose a method and stick with it. You do not want to have one gun with an empty chamber and one gun with a loaded chamber. In the immediate action of the start of a gunfight, this is no time to try to figure out which way your gun is loaded.

    Fourth - To use this safety bullet effectively, you will have to practice with it or simulate it A LOT. In fact, if you use any other guns, you'll probably want to always do whatever method works for your "safe" gun. The only way to really practice this is under a clock or in a timed sport. Practice in your house will help, but UNDER PRESSURE your actions have to be automatic and you do NOT want to jam your gun with this safe bullet because two days ago you were shooting at the range with something else to practice. It's this way or no way!

    Fifth - I am not an authorized tester of this safety bullet. I am in no way related to anybody who makes or sells them. All of these comments are mine based on what I've seen while "practicing" with live ammo and a random timer.

    Sixth - As most people simply do not practice enough in a semi-stress situation, the potential for disaster in a REAL SITUATION is very real here. There is a very real possibility of immediately turning your gun into a brick with one slip of the finger.

    The bottom line, at least for me, is that although the basic idea of the "safe" bullet is an excellent one, I'm afraid that the actual execution of it BY THE END USER may turn out to be less than what they had planned on.

    It's not a natural act to draw and rack the slide twice while under extreme duress. All of our lives we have learned to draw and fire. It will take a LOT of practice to change that in an emergency situation.

    Please take the time to try out these "tests" on your own. It may prove very interesting for all of you. It did for me.

    I think the biggest deal was that it takes two hands, no matter how you look at it.

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  6. MikeH121


    There was a different version with no Primer a few years ago. It seems it is mainly for those with kids in the house. if you carry a 1911 some do not like to carry with 1 in the chamber. Also if you use a Clip-Draw you need to carry an empty chamber. Or a thin/slim holster with no trigger guard. Practice racking after unpacking. :D

    Anything can be quicker even under stress with training. Muscles remember what and how even when you are not thinking. Training, training, training.

    Oh and AD maybe you can earn some cash for being the unofficial-official tester. :D
  7. diesel


    Mr. Wolf?, i'm up for adoption if youd like to have me. I always bark when I hear something outside, I eat very little, I rarely pee indoors, and love to be petted. I'm not very cute, but I am loyal, though I have been known to foul the footpath.........................................LOL.:rofl:
  8. WOW! Thank you for your research AD. You have really given me some things to think about here.

    Your times seem very good to me but then again your used to firing under stress or in a stress related situations too.

    Seeing your data makes me rethink the safety bullet strategy and perhaps going the route of due diligence instead.

    I thank you for your research and time posting it here.

  9. As much as I would love too adopt you Diesel I think my wife would probably object. She is wanting to adopt a newborn.

    I am happy to hear though that you are house broken or at least partially and love attention. :rofl:
  10. Andy,

    You're more than welcome.

    I wanted to do that test anyway and once I got started with it, the "flaws" started to show up and the more I thought about it, the more I started to lean away from the product.

    I guess that's why we test this stuff out before putting into use "for real" !!!

    A lot of people will read this thread and think "well, I'll just pull the gun, rack it twice and be ready".

    Yep, sounds good but when it REALLY counts, all that may go out the window.

    Practice, practice, practice is what really helps out. Hopefully everybody in the thread will at least try the "double rack" timed shoot the next time out. If possible, make sure the the very first time you try it, you do it COLD. A real timer and a cold start. The times may surprise a lot of people. Don't cheat it with no bullets. You need to have them flying out of the gun to count!!

    AD (I was as surprised as anybody, really)

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