• As you can see i've updated to version 2 of the software which is a complete change from the old. I am working to get everything back to normal as fast as possible.

    If you notice anything missing, strange or just plain out of sorts please let me know so I can address that. I've tried my best over the past few days to address most of what I see that needed fixing but I am 1 person.

    If you are a member of ANY other sub groups and I have missed that PLEASE let me know and I will get that avatar and subgroup fixed ASAP.

    Again, I thank you for your patronage and most of all your patience.



The Marketplace Usage...

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October 7, 2011
Here in "The Marketplace", when creating a thread, the system will require a prefix for the post. After the post creation you can edit the thread title and prefix accordingly. For instance after the creation of a "FOR SALE" item(s) and it has sold, please go back into the thread choose "Thread Tools" in the upper right corner above the thread and then choose "Edit Thread". From there you can edit the thread title and change the thread prefix to show "SOLD". You may do this after the thread creation also in the case of a mixup and you chose the wrong prefix at the start.

Please, I ask, that you be diligent about changing your ad's thread prefix to show the proper status of the item(s). You can only edit your own thread created under your user name. If you have any problem or questions please let me know.

Thank you,

Andy (whitewolf68)
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