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The increasing use of body armor


nra instructor
January 10, 2012

Well, to quote Bob Dylan (ask your parents) "The times, they are a changing". :cool:

Yes, it used to be mass shooters in the gun free zones would arrive in a trenchcoat and open fire with junky guns and little awareness of their surroundings.

Apparently now it's all the rage to show up in body armor and an AK-47 with a few hand guns in reserve.

So, if you're currently not carrying a spare magazine on you, start to do it. You'll be amazed just how fast that magazine may empty "for real", especially you guys carrying "7-shooters" in 45ACP.

Second, learn how to take a decent head shot without taking all day about it. Two the body (COM) is fine for starters but be PREPARED to take that third shot to the head. Really.

Work on the 5 yard head shots. 5 yard head shots while moving. COM shots while running FULL SPEED. When you've got those 5 yard headers down pat, move it back to 7 yards and 10 yards. Before leaving the range, take a well aimed 15 or 20 yard head shot to make SURE you can pull it off.

You may not be involved in a close quarters shooting with the bad guys, but you will need to be able to take that head shot on demand.

Get out there and practice hiding and shooting. How about laying on the ground and shooting?

The police cannot protect you. They can only show up after the fact and write reports. YOU are responsible for your own safety and those with you.

You don't have to attend expensive "tactical training" teams out west. You only have to practice like it really means something. Anybody can stand in front of a 10 yard target and drill COM all day. It's your job to make sure you can do it on the move or behind a wall or on the floor.

Or, you can just plink some cans and call yourself ready for whatever nut case shows up at the Mall next week.

AD :flag: