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The Great Debates: AR-15 vs. AK-47


January 9, 2014
I had an AK, great gun. Rugged, reliable, if you ran out of ammo you could totally beat someone down with it. It just couldn't do what I wanted it to do.

My DDM4V7LW however is just what I needed. It's just an all around better shooter.

I have to say that this is my favorite, FN FS2OOO.

All are good for their intended purpose.
Basically a matter of preference.

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Thrash Addict

March 16, 2014
Good article, but both are more accurate than it suggests. Close range out to 300 meters the AK is just fine, hitting your target isn't difficult provided lighting is ok. At night you may want optics or tritium sights. The AR Will be more accurate of course, and provides a better sight picture in low light conditions, but still better at night with optics. And I do not find the additional weight of an AK to be substantially draining. I'm not going to pretend that I'm a hardcore special forces seal uber tactical operator or whatever, but I've spent a lot of time lugging these rifles around hunting hogs, deer, or just for protection from potentially dangerous wildlife when I'm in the woods scouting for an extended amount of time.

I do not use my AR on deer for obvious reasons. It'll kill a deer, sure. But I don't trust it to cause significant enough damage in the heart & lung area to drop the deer quickly with a single shot. The AK has been accurate enough to net a heart and lung shot flawlessly within 100 yards, and the deer drops not far from where it is hit. Hunting is not warfare by any means, but I do believe a rifles performance on a 150 pound deer is a good reflection of what it would do to a man if need be. And if I'm ever forced to open fire on a human being, I will choose a rifle that will fire first time every time over one that will require cleaning to work. If an AR gets so dirty it won't cycle, it has to be stripped down. That forward assist will only help so much. An AK? Pffft, just smack the bolt closed with your hand. If that fails, the heel of your boot will do.

Now to add some real science to the topic!
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