The Brits Want Their Guns Back!

Discussion in 'News, Headlines and Information' started by whitewolf68, February 3, 2013.

  1. diesel


    Great vid, Wolf. It's what's going to happen here if we don't wise up as a nation. We can't let the lefty's have their way on this one.
    One way to stop them; tie them down and make them listen to that f**k'n bagpipe music for days on end...til they crack..........LOL:flag:
  2. Minimal Brat

    Minimal Brat

    Oh it is going to be cold Friday but we will still be at the State house to show our support of the 2nd amendment. The past has shown us, a quiet people is the down fall of the future.
  3. The Brits Want Their Guns Back! WHY SHOULD WE GIVE UP OURS?

    This is a demonstration of the future if we don't take the stand necessary to stop our legislature from overstepping their boundaries regarding The Constitution.
    It is said that smart people learn by their mistakes and that wise people learn from other peoples mistakes. It is time for us to wise up, America. :flag:

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