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the bloomberg file


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January 26, 2012
bloombergs political career, for now, is on hold. Starting today, wack-job #2, bill de blaisio, takes over as mayor of nyc, allowing the leisure time of "bebe" to be spent demonizing the right. Me thinks we have not heard the last of bebe.:evil:
The man is no dumb-ass, just mentally disturbed. He was let go by Salomon Brothers, securities brokerage, some time between "79 + 81." In 1981, he formed his own company and turned it into a $31 billion net worth as of 2013. He also served as chairman of the board of trustees at Johns Hopkins Univ. from 1996-2002, his alma mater.
Whats the point of all this blather, just want you guys to know what we're up against in the battle for our lives and our freedoms. There are powers, such as this man, (7th richest in the u.s. + 13th richest in the WORLD!), who want to put the citizenry of America, in our impoverished places. He is a major player in the war against our rights and freedoms starting with GUN CONTROL and ending with who knows what? And i'm very much afraid, he will make his run for total control in the 2016 presidential race!
We must remain vigilant in our war against gun control as this will open the gate for much more revocation of our rights.:flag: :flag:

I'll stop now, but not until I show you all a quote of his; April 15th, 2013, after the Boston bombings; "We live in complex world where your going to have to have a level of security greater than you did back in the olden days, if you will.....our laws and interpretation of the Constitution, I think, will have to change!

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